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Mentor Coaching: A Practical Guide

By |12.02.2020

Clare has written this practical guide which argues that both mentor coaching and supervision be mandated by the professional coaching bodies as part of coaches’ continuous professional development. Mentor coaching is not just for those coaches seeking a credential: it is for lifelong professional development for every coach, at every level of the profession.

Clare has 19 years of coaching experience and is a Professional Certified Coach, a certified coach supervisor and a mentor coach for the International Coach Federation, for internal and external coaches.

Previously, Clare headed up development for leaders of all levels at Accenture. She has won awards for her ground-breaking behaviour change programmes. She is a prolific blogger, and has written magazine articles on coaching, action learning, coaching supervision and mentor coaching, and books “Mentor Coaching: A Practical Guide”, “Being a Sunbeam” and a digital book, “Seeing Beyond the Blind-spots”.

Clare’s book is now available to purchase through Amazon.

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