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Lifting the Lid on Coaching Supervision - Podcast

By Helen Isacke|16.08.2022

Welcome to this weekly podcast in which Clare Norman and Steve Ridgley ‘lift the lid’ on coaching supervision. Clare and Steve are both experienced coaches and coach supervisors, passionate about the value that comes from supervision.

They will share their experiences, knowledge, wisdom and insight as they set out in this podcast series to explore what supervision is, what it isn’t, what it’s like, how you might show up, what you might bring and how to get the most out of supervision. Clare and Steve share stories on this journey. Sometimes personal stories, both as a coach and as a supervisor, but also examples of what coaches have brought to some of their supervision sessions.

Listen to the podcast series here

It’s basically just Clare and Steve having a chat, swapping anecdotes and lifting the lid on key questions that might exist for coaches who are yet to explore supervision or who don’t feel they get value from being in supervision. Questions such as…

  • How is supervision differentLi to coaching?
  • Group supervision, mentor coaching, 1-2-1, peer supervision – which do I choose?
  • What should I take to supervision?
  • Am I resourced enough to coach?
  • Can I talk about my business with my supervisor?
  • Am I in a rut as a coach?
  • How do I move my client forward?
  • Am I leading my client?
  • Is the goal everything?

… and much much more.

Join them on their weekly exploration of coaching supervision as we set out to tell some truths and lift the lid on supervision.

Listen to the podcast series here

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