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Coach Supervisor Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham & London, Steve Ridgeley

Steve Ridgley

Coach Supervisor, Career Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach

Reading, Bracknell & Wokingham

Specialist areas:
Career Direction, Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Managing Emotions, Motivation, Personal Impact, Team Development, Work/Life balance, TILM Member Offer
5 / 5
15 years of coaching
Face to Face, Telephone, Video Conference
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Level of Membership/Accreditation

AC - Individual Full Member

About me

Executive Coach & Supervisor, Reading, Bracknell & Wokingham

I seek to inspire, engage and support the individual in becoming their best self.

Investing in our personal learning and growth not only supports our life choices and career progression, it enhances resilience and confidence, whilst building a realistic, healthy self-esteem and a positive state of wellbeing. This enables us to be at our best, to adapt and grow, to find meaning in our lives and to be fulfilled and happy.

Clients come to me for precisely these same reasons; they want to boost their self esteem, grow or regain their confidence, find meaning and purpose in their lives (maybe a new direction), or simply be fulfilled or happier.

Coaches come to me for supervision to explore the system of their coaching practice, the posture and stance they and their clients take.

Maximising personal potential

I have been coaching for 15 years and a coach supervisor for 8.

My recent corporate background is with John Lewis Partnership, where after six years working in OD supporting the board and leadership teams to bring about effective change, I took the lead on personal learning - creating the conditions for 85,000 Partners to learn more about themselves; this included developing a thriving internal coaching and mentoring network.

In short, I'm passionate about human beings maximising their personal potential and I’m eternally curious about people systems - be it organisational culture, family systems, relationships or our own internal human system - 'my head says... but my heart is set on...'. This informs my approach.

Leadership development and a coaching culture

I am the founder of idcoach limited, working with leaders on their leadership and exploring how the hidden dynamics of the organisational system can influence results, relationships and happiness.

Maybe as a leader, you have worked with a coach (or several) and would be interested in 'the next step', a relationship that confidentially explores your leadership 'self', builds your reflective ‘muscle’ and stretches you?

Maybe you're seeking to change the way you lead and manage your team; to build a coaching capability or just want your managers to take more of a coaching approach?

Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC) member

I am a member of the FCC - a not for profit body focused on the future of the coaching profession - it comprises academics, corporate leaders and coach accreditation bodies like ICF & AC.

I also sit on the editorial board of Coaching at Work magazine and was recently voted one of the UK's top 50 coaches by CV magazine.

and finally from me...

I have a wife and two grown up 'children'. Oh, and I support Wycombe Wanderers, not because I love football, but because crowd dynamics and tribal belonging are fascinating.

Now, how about you?

You’ve come this far, so safe to assume you’re looking for something. Maybe you know what, maybe you don’t?

The first conversation is without charge, so give me a call on 07749 651851

Professional Body

Association for Coaching


European Coaching Certificate (ICF accredited)
MCGI Master Coaching and Coach Supervision
NLP Master Practitioner
Practitioner Systemic Coaching Constellations
Coaching Signatures Practitioner
Transactional Analysis

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Latest reviews

5 / 5 ★

Steve coached me through a tricky time in my career and my life. His style is patient, creative, unbiased, challenging (when needed) and supporting. His vast experience means he is unphased by what anyone (including me) might bring! I would unreservedly recommend him.

5 / 5 ★

I worked with Steve for six months, and would simply describe the experience in two worlds: life changing. I feel more in tune with myself now than I ever have: who I am, what is important to me, and who I want to be in the future. It’s also made me far more aware of relationship dynamics with others, in all aspects of my life. Steve is a genuinely nice guy, sincere, and was a pleasure to spend time with. Layer onto that his coaching skills, knowledge, experience, and you’ve got a winning combination. I’d recommend Steve as a coach without hesitation.

5 / 5 ★

Steve has worked with me both as a coach and more latterly as my coach supervisor. His style is relaxed and open which encourages great thinking and discovery for his clients. Steve’s knowledge and perceptive ability enables him to challenge where appropriate, therefore addressing limiting assumptions. Highly recommended.

5 / 5 ★

I was not sure what to expect and felt quite nervous about where coaching would go. It was an amazing experience of self discovery and I understand more about why I behave in certain circumstances. The coaching has absolutely helped me work to meeting my objective. Steve has an amazing calmness about him and his thoughtful reflections created a safe environment where I ended up sharing things I was not expecting. Steve, you have such a warm and open approach that you made it very easy for me to share some personal stuff that I was not expecting but at the same time you did not let me ignore any part of what was happening. I am now re-programming my mind to look at the things that would have worried me with what feels like a new set of eyes and a calmer more confident approach. I am giving myself more time and space to reflect on situations that have gone well and asking for more feedback on how I have been perceived and what behaviours have been observed to give me that evidence I need to continue with confidence. I have more of an appreciation of others around me that they might be feeling just as nervous and self aware as I am. This has helped me to feel less like everyone else has control. I really appreciate the time and space Steve created for me and the commitment we both had to attending each session. On something so personal as confidence, the one to one time was extremely beneficial and it felt safe to share. This is one of the most beneficial learning experiences I have had.

5 / 5 ★

Steve was my Coaching Supervisor, a role he performed really well. He is astute, challenging and thought provoking and more often than not he got me thinking well beyond the obvious. I always came out of supervision feeling energised about my role as a coach and highly reflective on the ideas he'd help me generate. What Steve is also able to do extremely well is adapt his style to meet the needs of the Coach. He's astute and intuitive and so very good at being able tailor the session in the most appropriate way. Sometimes a Coach just needs encouragement, support and a confidence boost which Steve was always able to supply. I wouldn't hesitate to seek out Steve's help in the future, both as a Coach and as a Supervisor.

5 / 5 ★

Steve coached me last year and it is the best experience of my life. I am not generally a dramatic person but I do mean this. I had asked Steve for some coaching to help me make a work decision and over the course of about 6 sessions it became about so much more than a work decision. Steve has a calm, quiet, supportive approach but he does not 'let you off the hook'. He is persistent, honest and diligent. I am good at taking people off subject on to a different trajectory to deflect away from painful subjects. I was able to trust Steve so completely that I didn't need to do that and as a result I have had some life changing break through moments. I found coaching with Steve so valuable that I recommended him to my sister and she is now his client too. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve who is, in my experience, the best coach I know.

5 / 5 ★

I worked with Steve when I was facing into the possibility of redundancy. I went to him adamant that I wanted to get myself into the best possible position to secure a role in the new structure by confronting some deeply held limiting beliefs. From the initial chemistry meeting via Skype, Steve and I built a great rapport. Always checking that I was comfortable with our surroundings and the intensity of his questioning, Steve helped me to delve deep inside myself and to confront the reality that I’d hidden from myself - I was ready to move on and leave my current employer. I liken the process to diving into the sea looking for pearls with Steve as the rock I was attached to. By really listening to me, Steve helped me to challenge myself and select a different viewpoint, indeed there were occasions when I’d respond to one of his questions and be surprised by my answer, not knowing I felt that way until I articulated it. Personable, caring, focussed and challenging, Steve helped me to change the course of my life for the better. I’m very grateful to him and would recommend anyone to work with him in a heartbeat. It was a privilege to get to work with him.

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