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How to Avoid the Common Mistakes when Setting up your Coaching Business

By Helen Isacke|17.02.2020

Expert Interview: Founder of the Trusted Coach Directory Helen Isacke talks to Jackie Jarvis about some of the many mistakes she made when she set up her coaching business. These include: not having a niche, sporadic marketing, giving too much away in a taster session, not asking for the business.

Jackie Jarvis interviews Helen Isacke, Founder of the Trusted Coach Directory

Helen Isacke set up the Trusted Coach Directory in November 2016. Helen is a Leadership Coach, trainer, facilitator and  author of ‘Soft Skills for Strong Leaders’. Helen embarked on her first coach training course in 2003 and set up her own coaching practise in 2004. She fully understands the feast & famine and the pitfalls of setting up and running a coaching business. Helen openly admits to making many mistakes, costing valuable time as well as money as she set up and grew her business.

In the interview, Helen talks about some of the key mistakes she made, and how you can avoid them, including:

  • Not having a niche
  • Sporadic marketing
  • Giving too much away
  • Not asking for the business

Helen also talks about why she set up the new ‘TCD Community Coach’ membership level, how it can help the newer coaches, what it includes and how to register.

Click on this link to access the interview – enjoy!

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