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How does onboarding coaching work and why is 1st 90 days coaching important?

By Gillian Frame|23.03.2022

Onboarding is an area in which coaching can play a crucial role in supporting the successful transition of a senior leader. So often, organisations focus on the selection and assessment of the new hire, but the importance of setting that new hire up for success can be easily overlooked.

In this episode of The Coaching Question Gillian Frame is interviewed by Gregor Findlay. There are many insights and observations that Fiona shares about the process of joining a new organisational culture. The key things for leaders to consider as they adjust to the demands of the role, the expectations of stakeholder and themselves and the way in which they establish themselves in the role.

Listen in to this episode if you are interested in how coaching can support transitions, specifically onboarding and a successful first 90 days in a new role.

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