I recently began watching a programme on the BBC called “Make It To Market”. Essentially the show is about talented people who have a hobby that they would like to turn into a business and generate an income for themselves.

They are given a mentor who is successful in business within their chosen field, and provides constructive support as to how they can make their hobby a commercial success.

The participants are extremely talented in such crafts as art, pottery, woodwork, dressmaking and blacksmithing. What they need is the right advice and guidance to take their hobby to the next step.

It had me thinking about what they need to make the transition and move away from their current job into an area they truly love doing. I came up with what I call the 4C’s to success both in work and in life, which I believe correlates with their needs and desires.

COMMITMENT – To achieve their goal

They are truly committed to achieving the goal of running their own business and want to make that hobby into a viable enterprise. They know they have the talent and ambition to achieve but need that extra push to get there.

CONTRIBUTION – To their health and wellbeing

Most of the participants see what they want to achieve as a way of providing them with a better work/life balance, including those who admit to having mental health issues. Utilising their undoubted skills will support that contribution to living a better life for themselves.

COLLABORATION – With key stakeholders

The mentor provides constructive feedback which includes:

  • Utilising their skills to be as productive as possible
  • Making the products commercially and financially viable
  • Marketing their products to the right audience
  • Developing a website and using other social media platforms
  • Attending exhibitions and trade fairs that stand the best chance of their products being sold

CONFIDENCE – In their own ability and what they want to achieve

A number of participants are not too confident about how well their products will sell and need that support, advice and guidance from their mentor to give them the confidence to take their business to the next step. The one key factor with all those involved is: what is the ideal price to sell their product and how confident are they it will fly?

What I liked about the programme was the fact that the mentors at no time demeaned the mentee (unlike The Apprentice) and were always providing encouragement and sound business advice, which was gratefully received.

I would strongly recommend watching the programme as it clearly demonstrates that with the right coaching/mentoring support anyone can achieve their goals and ambitions, if they adhere to the 4C’s and go with their desire to maximise their exceptional talent.

Bernie O’Keeffe is an experienced and qualified coaching professional who specialises in supporting young talent on their career journey. Bernie specialises in the support services sector, rail, retail, waste management and charities

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