Video is a powerful way to speak to your ideal clients, create connection and demonstrate how your services can help.

With over 15yrs of experience creating videos, and years of helping other coaches to get started, today I share with you my top 4 tips helping you to overcome the nerves and create quality videos for your coaching business.

Here are my top 4 tips to creating quality videos:


1. You don’t need a studio

One of my members told me she hated videos and didn’t want to produce any. But as soon as I showed her a video of me walking through a forest speaking to camera, she got excited and said, oh I can do that.

She’d got into her head that business videos needed to be in a studio. She didn’t like this style of video and felt overwhelmed at the prospect of creating one.

Studio style videos are only one option, you can be creative with your locations.

Perhaps you could inspire your clients whilst you’re out walking your dog. You can create amazing quality videos on a beach, in a forest, or sat in your car.

BONUS TIP: I do advise recording a little test video to check that the lighting and audio work well in your location. This way you won’t record a long video and then realise it’s no good because of wind noise or low light.


2. Don’t wait until you have the fancy equipment

There is so much tech you can buy to enhance your video quality these days, but I’ve seen lots of people hold themselves back because they ‘need’ the microphone, lights, stabaliser etc etc.

They often never actually record a video, spend a fortune on tech they either don’t need or spend ages researching the technology they need.

Smartphone technology is amazing these days, if you have one, you have enough to get started and create some great quality videos. I’m always reminding my members that action is better than perfection.

Focus on connecting with your clients through the videos you create. The tech can grow as your business and confidence with video grows.


3. Lighting and audio are key

Good lighting and great sound create good quality videos.

Having natural light in front of you will create the best video. Sitting in front of a window works well. Just don’t have the light source behind you, it will make you dark and hard to see.

If you need them, you can buy lights very cheap these days. Personally, I love the ring lights as this gives you a nice all-round light.

Most Smartphones have a great microphone but again you can buy pretty good ones for as little as £20. If you want more help choosing the right microphone for your needs, I’ve created a video sharing the microphones I use on my YouTube channel.

BONUS TIP: Check what’s in the background of your video before you hit record. I’m sure you’ve seen many faux-pas’s made over the lockdowns!


4. Practice makes perfect

It’s the practice which helps you to banish the nerves, refine your style and improve your impact.

No amount of researching, reading and learning will equal the knowledge you gain from doing. If you want to become good at creating videos quickly, choose something simple, press record and keep creating videos regularly.

BONUS TIP: I never watch my videos back, I’m too critical of them and they’d never be published. Instead, I record, edit and publish. For me, it’s more important to share what I know than it is to sit worrying about how I sound on video, or what I look like.


If this has sparked your interest and you’d like to learn more, I have more videos on the Build it Brilliant on Youtube channel including:

  • Video editing basics
  • How to avoid creating ‘waffly’ videos
  • How to transcribe videos for free
  • And more.

Videos are a fantastic way to build your coaching business and connect with your customers and you can have lots of fun creating them.

Zoe Thompson is a Business Development Maverick for the helping professions. She uses her wonder skills of strategic thinking, endless creative ideas and a love of technology to help you find simple and effective ways to connect to more customers and build the business you’d love.

Author of The Build it Brilliant Blueprint, Zoe is passionate about helping you to simplify, automate and grow your business without wasting time and money on tech you don’t need.

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