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By Chris Rew|04.06.2018

What is this "Teal" thing all about?

Read how the operating system that we have been using for leadership and management has evolved over the years.

By |13.07.2017

NEW CHAPTER "Waking Up to the Power of Reflection to Unlock Transformation in People, Teams and Organisation" by Elaine Patterson

"In our busy and frenetic world, leaders face over-whelm. Never before has there been so much change on so many fronts, demanding attention, squeezing out critical reflective time and thinking space"

By Beverly Landais|09.06.2017

How to cope when things go wrong

"Talking it through not only gives you the chance to get ideas from others but might also lead to you realising that you hold the answers to your own questions"

By Beverly Landais|21.04.2017

How to Build a Growth Mindset - People with Ambition Event Series

Beverley Landais explains what its means to have a growth mindset and how you can develop a growth mindset

By Helen Isacke|20.03.2017

The Karpman Drama Triangle

The basic concept underpinning the Karpman Drama Triangle is the connection between responsibility and power, and their relationship to boundaries.

By Alison Haill|16.01.2017

Leadership - Inspire, Convince and Galvanise Others

You don’t have to lead a corporation or head a political party to be a leader. You can lead an SME, a team or a project. But could you do it more effectively if you change how you communicate?

By Chris Rew|10.01.2017

The ‘lens’ through which you coach

How do I improve my coaching effectiveness? Understanding your own leadership and coaching style can be hugely enlightening. By consistently challenging yourself to develop beyond your current limits, you will be far better equipped to coach leaders.

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