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What is Team Coaching SUPERvision?

By Helen Isacke|25.08.2022

After initially defining SUPERvision and Team Coaching, this article shares both the importance of SUPERvision for Team Coaches, as well as distinctions between SUPERvision for Coaches who coach one-on-one or in groups.

What is SUPERvision? By Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy

Originating in the fields of therapy and counselling, and established in education and medicine, SUPERvision provides a developmental, restorative, resourcing and benchmarking safe space where Coaches (Mentors, Leaders and so forth) can reflect upon their professional practice. Formats include one-on-one and group SUPERvision. SUPERvision can also be provided with co-SUPERvisors. It differs from Mentor Coaching where a more experienced Coach provides mentoring, feedforward, coaching, and target setting on live or recorded coaching session mapped to the ICF Competencies and markers and usually for credentialling purposes.

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