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The Three Companions: Compassion, Courage and Wisdom: The powerful keys to happier work and a fulfilled life

By Helen Isacke|14.12.2021

Three Companions

Courage, Compassion and Wisdom exist in all of us, Joan has a wonderful way of helping the reader see and value the strength and interconnection of each of them. These are beautiful stories told by everyday people sharing Courage, Compassion and Wisdom with others for the benefit of others, it takes a writer like Joan to help remind us all of the value of each of them.- Juliette White CBE, Senior Executive

The Three Companions offers a perspective of ourselves and how Courage, Compassion and Wisdom can imbue our lives to allow us to thrive and be our best selves. The key here is to realise that each is already within us; recognising this reality changes everything. Powerful and profound.- James R. Doty, M.D., Founder and Director of the CCARE at Stanford University School of Medicine, and Senior Editor of the Oxford Handbook of Compassion Science
I enjoyed exploring the hypothesis that the three qualities of Courage, Compassion and Wisdom work hand in hand and that they are essential to make the world a better place. I valued gaining a deeper insight into the definitions and found the section exploring scenarios based on individual experiences really informative; a number of the examples were really inspirational and helped me reflect on my own personal journey. I found the last section helpful in analysis of the characteristics impacting the Three Companions and the practical guidance in the last section helpful in supporting one’s personal journey of exploration.- Dapo Ajay, Senior Executive

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About the Author

Joan van den Brink is a thought-leader and executive coach who works internationally with senior business leaders and managers. After graduating from the University of Cambridge she later embarked on a career in talent management, leadership and individual and team coaching. In 2014, she set up her own consultancy and now works with clients to enable their people to be their best and supports organisations to create inclusive environments in which diverse people can thrive.


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