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The Should Stick: Stop Being a People Pleaser, It's Time to Be You

By Helen Isacke|27.04.2023

The Should Stick offers a simple message about the power of being yourself.

We are under attack from a culture that tells us what we should do, what we should think and who we should be. Our lives are focussed on dealing with ‘should’.
How can we possibly meet the requirements and demands of everyone else?
The answer is… we can’t, and yet we keep trying. The continual effort of trying to fit in, to please everyone else is exhausting. We lose connection with the simple joy of life itself.
This book offers a different perspective. You can be you.
If you aren’t living the life you wish for. If you want to stop squeezing yourself into someone else’s idea of how you should be. If you want to change your life today, then it’s time to listen to your voice.
It’s time to.

About the Author

After a thirty-year career in the public sector, Tracey left the world of finance and management to follow her ambition to support people to achieve authenticity. She now works as a coach and psychotherapist in independent practice, based in the UK. She is accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and is passionate about working from a firm ethical and theoretical base. Tracey is a great believer in psycho-education: the provision of information and knowledge to help clients understand how they think, feel and behave. If knowledge is power, then the process of sharing this empowers us all. Tracey’s aspiration is to help others to achieve a life free of the constraints of external messages and conditions. A life which offers real awareness and choice; awareness of who you are and choice about what you do. Tracey aspires to have a writing shed in the garden and to spend far too much time in there.

You can purchase Tracey’s book here

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