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Surviving Business Travel

By Richard MacKinnon|04.04.2019

In this episode of the 'My Pocket Psych', Dr. Richard MacKinnon is joined by psychologist Dr. Rachel Lewis, whose research into the effects of business travel has recently been in the news.

My Pocket Psych‘, Dr. Richard MacKinnon is joined by psychologist Dr. Rachel Lewis

They look at both why business travel can be bad for us and what we can do about it. Rachel’s research has identified the various ways business travellers’ perspectives and behaviour can change while away from home, leading them to engage in activities that can pose a risk to their wellbeing.

This ranges from the amount and type of food and drink they consume, to the kinds of transport and personal safety decisions they make. In short, frequent business travellers can put themselves at risk on a number of levels.

You can listen to this episode via the embedded player below. Full shownotes and links to the resources we mentioned can be found here.

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