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SIMPLIFYING COACHING: How to Have More Transformational Conversations by Doing Less

By Helen Isacke|15.06.2023

“This is the kind of book that, after reading, you will want to have nearby for easy reference and reminders. I suspect that the well-worn pages will be a symbol of the book’s lasting contribution to coaching – and to transformational conversations. A clear, concise summation of coaching that will benefit the new and the seasoned coach alike.” —J. Val Hastings, MCC and President of Coaching4TodaysLeaders and Coaching4Clergy

“Claire stimulated a desire to know more about how to use existing skills in new and simplified ways. An altogether great book.”—Clive Avril, Executive Coach and Mentor (ACC)

Fundamentally, coaching is about enabling someone to feel heard and to access new insights into their own life. But how can you facilitate someone else’s thinking when you don’t know what they already know? It is almost impossible to remember models and questions whilst giving your companion your full attention at the same time. Coaching simply means that you can listen and notice more, getting quickly to the heart of the conversation.

Whether you are brand new to coaching, are a trained coach who has lost confidence, or have many years’ experience coaching at a senior level, this deeply practical book will teach you how to:

•             Do less so that your companion can do more

•             Understand why saying what you see is more useful than listening to any particular story

•             Put boundaries around a conversation, making it more effective for your companion and easier for you

•             Tailor how you sit and how you speak to allow a collaborative environment

•             End any conversation in partnership

Tailored to help the practising coach, this deeply practical book is nonetheless useful for anyone who has conversations with people.

Claire Pedrick has been coaching for over 30 years. A coach, mentor coach and coaching supervisor, she trains managers, leaders and experienced coaches across multiple sectors to reap the benefits of working more simply. Claire is the Founding Partner of 3D Coaching.

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