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Setting up a Successful Coaching Practice in a Niche

By Helen Isacke|19.11.2020

Expert Interview: Vanessa Ugatti, author of Amazon best seller ‘True Worth’, talks about how to generate more revenue ethically by overcoming the tendency to undercharge, discount and over-service clients which may result in stress, tiredness, overwhelm and resentment.

Jackie Jarvis interviews Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert.

Vanessa helps professional services firms and sole practitioners to take charge of their business, get paid what they are really worth and create a healthier work-life balance.

In this interview Jackie explores:

How Vanessa has made a success of her business by very clearly focusing in a niche, in terms of the clients she works with and positioning herself as an expert in a niche area ‘True Worth Expert’

This is something many are afraid to do, but from a marketing perspective can help us enormously to generate interest and opportunity.

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