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"Mindfulness for Coaches" - A book by Michael Chaskalson & Mark McMordie

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Mindfulness for Coaches accessibly presents theory and research on the benefits of mindfulness training and explores how mindfulness can feature in coaching work. Michael Chaskalson and Mark McMordie explain how coaches can use mindfulness to become more deeply attuned to themselves and to clients, and to create transformational resonance.

I was honoured to be interviewed by the authors for the book, and thrilled to be told that they have quoted me several times! Here are some of my quotes:

“I know that my mindfulness practice has an impact, even if the client isn’t necessarily aware. Several say that I have a calming presence – that as soon as they see me, they feel calmer. Mindfulness gives me the courage to be open and vulnerable. If I am willing to show my true self this encourages the client to do the same and hold nothing back. Even something as simple as saying ‘I don’t know where to take this’ shows the client that it’s ok to not know, that one doesn’t need to have all the answers.”

“It’s about being okay with silence and understanding that really amazing work can be going on in the silences … if I didn’t have a mindfulness practice I would find that hard.”

“If possible, I sit … before a coaching session … Often during this practice, I sit with feelings of uncertainty – as a coach, I don’t know what my client will bring … My practice helps me to acknowledge the presence of uncertainty and to turn towards it, rather than … try to ‘fix it’ / find certainties to fill the hole.”

I have found my mindfulness practice to be an essential support for my coaching practice; for me the two are deeply entwined. I do hope that as a fellow Trusted Coach, you find the book useful, informative and exciting.

Farah Govani coaches individuals who are seeking to bring their authentic self to the forefront of their career.

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