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How We Built our 6 Figure Executive Coaching Practice


Jackie Jarvis interviews Executive Coaches Thomas Chalmers and Russell Borland of Leading Figures

Thomas and Russell currently work with several fund management, accountancy, legal and consulting firms. For many of their corporate clients they provide team coaching, often interleaved with 1:1 coaching. They also work with membership bodies including the accountancy, legal and actuarial professions, providing development programs for their members on leadership and related topics.

In this interview you will find out about

  • The steps and the strategies that led to their success
  • The mistakes they learnt from on the way
  • The marketing techniques that work for them
  • How they use coaching and research skills to ‘sell without selling’
  • The values and relationships that underpin their success

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  Thomas Chalmers                          Russell Borland

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Russell Borland
Thomas Chalmers

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