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How to Write Compelling Messages to Attract Coaching Clients

By Helen Isacke|22.08.2019

Expert Interview: Martin Booth, Founder and owner of LeBoo Media talks about why getting your messages right is important, the key mistakes to avoid, what make a message compelling, the role tone of voice plays, and gives his Top Tips on how to create your core key messages.

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Jackie Jarvis interviews writer Martin Booth

Martin is the founder and owner of LeBoo Media, a copywriting consultancy based in south-west London. He works with brands, business coaches and web design and marketing agencies to deliver first-class written content.

This includes websites, blogs, brochures, emails, speeches and mini-books.

Martin brings a wealth of expertise from his time as a copywriter and national newspaper journalist, as well as senior corporate and consultancy experience.

His company tagline is “Getting the message across” – This is what Martin is all about.

During the interview you will find out

  • Why getting your messages right is important
  • The key mistakes to avoid
  • What make a message compelling
  • The role tone of voice plays
  • Top tips on how to create your core key messages

Click on the link to watch the Expert Interview

Martin is offering an initial complimentary zoom/telephone consultation to discuss what you want to achieve with your messaging. He will review your current messaging and make suggestions for the best way forward.

Martin Le Boo

Martin Booth





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