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How to Write and Publish a Business Building Book

By Helen Isacke|21.05.2020

Expert Interview: Sue Richardson, MD of The Right Book Company talks about, what is involved in the business book writing and publishing process, the importance of positioning and titling, how your book gets sold and the first step to take.

Jackie Jarvis interviews Sue Richardson, MD of The Right Book Company 

Sue Richardson is an energetic, engaging and motivated speaker and publisher who demonstrates to business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders how they can build their business and profile through publishing. Sue advocates three cornerstone strategic principles – to write the right book, publish it in the right way and reach the right readers – about which you will learn more today.

What you will learn in this Expert Interview

• What is involved in the business book writing and publishing process
• The importance of positioning and titling
• How your book gets sold
• The first step to take

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