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How to Position yourself as an Expert as a Coach

By Helen Isacke|31.01.2020

Expert Interview: Steve Hyland from Business Connections Live TV talks about what the position of expert really means, why having an expert status is important, what creates expert status and what you can do to create your own expert status.

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Jackie Jarvis Interviews Steve Hyland from Business Connections Live TV

With the explosion in social media, Facebook and LinkedIn its becoming increasingly more and more difficult to cut through the noise.  Many business owners remain in a twilight area of obscurity. By positioning yourself as an expert you can raise your profile.

Steve Hyland has been involved in broadcast media all his life. His worked for all the leading Direct Response Television channels in the UK as a presenter and behind the scenes training product specialists, guests and presenters on how to position themselves as experts.

He worked for leading radio stations in London and the South East, and for ten years was one of the market leading breakfast show presenters.

Today he is the cofounder of the UK’s leading On-line Business Television Channel , Business Connection Connections Live TV, who have also produce content for company’s such as Vodaphone The AA and British Gas.

In this Expert Interview you will find out all about

  • What the position of expert really means
  • Why having an expert status is important
  • What creates expert status
  • What you can do to create your own expert status

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