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How Podcasting can help you to Market yourself as a Coach

By Helen Isacke|29.05.2019

Expert Interview: Podcast expert Dave Harries talks about, what is podcasting and how it works, how podcasting can help you as a coach to market yourself, what makes a good podcast, how you make podcasts and what to do with podcasts once you have produced them.

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Sales Coach Jackie Jarvis interviews Podcast Expert Dave Harries, video and podcast producer.

Coaching is all about relationships or in fact one relationship; that between the coach and client.  It’s a relationship built on trust, understanding, experience and expertise.  These are all essential elements of coaching, but they are difficult to explain and exemplify in standard marketing.  Websites, social media, video and pamphlets will only get you so far.  What the podcast offers a potential client is the chance to really meet the coach in a very intimate and revealing manner, not only highlighting all the characteristics that make them a great coach, but also offering thought leadership and relevant advice in a compelling format. Done well it really is the best content on the web.  These may seem like bold claims, but Dave will explain how this works and why it offers such a brilliant form of one to many communication, that actually feels like one to one for the listener, and why you should consider using it as part of you marketing mix.

In the interview you will find out…

·         What is podcasting and how it works

·         How podcasting can help you as a coach to market yourself

·         What makes a good podcast?

·         How you make podcasts – what do you need

·         What to do with podcasts once you have produced them

Click on the link to watch the Expert Interview

Dave Harries is a video and podcast producer who comes from a background as a BBC Radio producer and presenter.  He started his career as a Studio Manager with the BBC in London over 30 years ago and has conducted many 100s of broadcast interviews both live and pre-recorded.  His passion for the podcast comes from the belief that they offer a unique form of in-depth communication, allowing us to explore ideas and inspirations in an immediate and accessible way that very few other forms of media can match.  It’s like TV with better pictures or radio without the gatekeepers.

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