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How to get a Book Published that can Build your Expert Profile as a Coach

By Sarah Heap|05.05.2020

Expert Interview: 'The Endless Bookcase' Carl French will talk about how you can get your book published and how this can build a Coach profile and position in the marketplace.

Jackie Jarvis Interviews Carl French from The Endless Bookcase

Carl French got involved in book publishing many years ago when he wrote his first best selling book on Computer Science (over a quarter of a million copies sold). He then went on to write and edit several best-selling books and became a part-time commissioning editor for a publishing company.

After the publishing company was sold he carried on coaching friends and family writing books on an ad hoc informal basis. Then some time later when eBooks started to appear he set up the Endless Bookcase – initially specialising in eBooks but now publishing all formats: eBooks paper books and audiobook. They have now published over 100 books.

Carl is particularly keen to publish works by people who want to share their expertise and experiences like coaches, consultants trainers and other specialists.

The Endless Bookcase has published one of my books, Go Slow to Grow, so I have first hand experience of working with Carl in this capacity.


What you will learn during this Expert Interview

– How having a published book helps to build a coach’s profile and position in the market place

– Important considerations when deciding on the subject/title

– What types of books a coach could write

– Advice how to choose the type of book to write (shorter e book V normal paperback)

– Publishing options in the marketplace

– The first step to getting a book published if anyone listening is interested

Click on the link to listen to the Expert Interview


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