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How to Engage an Online Audience Online when Coaching, Training or Running Meetings

By Sarah Heap|05.05.2020

Expert Interview: Roger Fairhead talks tools and techiniques for engaging an online audience.

Jackie Jarvis interviews Roger Fairhead

Roger Fairhead is a leadership specialist, author of several books including Prize Winning Leadership.

For the last 8 years Roger has been involved in an international organisation connecting people in over 40 countries and jointly leading a team of 350 people, holding regular leadership team meetings with people from North America, Australia, Asia, the UK and Europe on a regular basis.

He is currently the Regional President of PSA Staffordshire and in his interview shares some ideas he’s found helpful in encouraging participant engagement in the online environment.

In this Expert Interview you will learn:

– How the online differs from the physical environment
– What mistakes should be avoided when working in an online environment
– How you best manage an interactive session with an online audience
– Tools and techniques to engage an online audience

Click on the link to listen to this Expert Interview


Roger is offering a FREE chapter of his book Prize Winning Leadership which you can get from his website and is happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact him via email or give him a call on 07812 356631.

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