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How to develop a Personal brand that Attracts Clients as a Coach


Jackie Jarvis interviews The Female Leaders Personal Brand Coach, Rachel Maunder

Rachel works primarily with women leaders in business to help them get to their next level of success by focusing on their personal brand and on becoming their best versions of themselves.

A leading voice on personal brand as a pillar for success in business, Rachel certainly walks her own talk. She is known for her own style, warmth and enthusiasm as well as for her drive to keep learning, growing and taking action.

In this interview you will learn

  • What is meant by a personal brand
  • Why having a brand is important as a coach
  • The brand mistakes made by coaches
  • The most important elements of a successful brand
  • What you need to do to develop a strong brand

Click on the link to watch the Expert Interview

Rachel is offering a Complimentary Brand Audit at the end of this interview so you can get some valuable feedback on yours.

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Rachel Maunder

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