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How to Build and Monetise an Online Community as a Coach


Jackie Jarvis interviews Business Coach Julie Creffield

Julie Creffield is the no bullshit Business Coach from East London who helps small business owners to get out of their own way. With 20 years’ experience of building, nurturing and monetising communities both offline and in the digital world she loves nothing more than brining brilliant people together for a common purpose.

Jackie first met Julie at the Professional Speaking Association when she was speaking about how she built her Too Fat to Run Tribe and Jackie was impressed with how quickly she expanded and monetised it. Julie has made over half a million pounds in the last 5 years running her online community programmes.

During this Expert Interview you will find out

  • What building a community/tribe means in practice
  • How tribe building can help you
  • How Julie built communities and a 6 – figure income
  • The keys to building an online tribe and monetising the process

Click on the link to watch the Expert Interview

Find out more about Julie here

Julie Creffield

Julie Creffield

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