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Everything DiSC 363® For Leaders

By Helen Isacke|12.01.2022

Everything DiSC

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders is one of many 360 Leadership models. Like many models this 360 approach involves personal feedback and feedback from peers, direct reports and senior colleagues plus other relevant stakeholders.

The model is a multi-rater feedback model examining “eight approaches to effective leadership”. It is designed to help the candidate discover other people’s perceptions of their leadership approaches and effectiveness and also enable them to develop greater self awareness. The model uses graphical, written and pictorial feedback from the candidate and raters to easily interpret the results. The outcome helps to identify three personalised strategies to help you become a more effective leader.




Everything DiSC ® analysis is used and overlaid with the “Eight Leadership Parameters” which contribute to leadership success.


Pioneering, Energising, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, Commanding 


The Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders profile is designed to help increase Leadership effectiveness by:

  • Understanding how others see you as a Leader
  • Exploring tendencies on the “eight leadership parameters”
  • Learn 3 strategies to become a more effective Leader

The model focuses on the interpersonal aspects of Leadership and helps candidates identify which aspects of the “eight approaches” are their strengths, which are used most frequently, and which they may benefit from developing further. Leaders are more likely to have strengths in areas that reflect their own styles and therefore understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when leading others.

This model is particularly useful in helping developing leaders on fast track programmes and existing leaders. The benefit of a 360 approach is that it gives the candidate a holistic view of their leadership style and approach and uncovers blind spots aswell as strengths. This model can also be used with leadership teams to form a comparison of strengths within the team and highlight any gaps which may be necessary for a high performing leadership team.

Like all 360 models, it is key to introduce this as part of a development discussion or plan and ensure the candidate fully understands the process and feedback involved. An agreement as to what follow up coaching and development will take place following the initial debrief and feedback session, is key to ongoing development success of the candidate.


Sue Brown is an accredited Senior Practitioner with EMCC UK and approved DiSC trainer, including Disc 363 for Leaders. Sue is passionate about people being the heart of business and has over 20 years’ experience leading and coaching corporate teams and is the Founder of Smart Coaching UK. Sue develops and implements leadership programmes for high potential candidates and senior management teams.

Sue is also a Business and Leadership Mentor for EMCC UK for newly qualified coaches and also an Accreditation Mentor for EMCC Global. Sue recently led the project team to update and re launch the Mentoring Programme for EMCC UK members.


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