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Creative Reflective Practice: Global perspectives for critical reflection on professional experiences

By Helen Isacke|03.05.2022

Clare Beckett-McInroy discusses why reflection is fundamental to an incremental and vertical approach to professional development.

“Reflective practice is a fundamental component of continuing professional development and is required by all professionals. This excellent book unlocks the secrets to help coaches make reflective practice part of their everyday way of working”.
Professor Jonathan Passmore, Senior VP CoachHub and Director of Henley Centre for Coaching

In his compelling preface, Professor Peter Hawkins places the subject in context while sharing his wisdom on the importance of ongoing reflective practice in our complex world. Reflection is fundamental to an incremental and vertical approach to professional development. Furthermore, sharing such learning can create positive systemic transformation. To this end, by reflecting with peers, and more crucially, with experienced SUPERvisors, the power of reflection is enhanced. Applying learning from reflection enables professionals to increase the impact of their work.

SECTION ONE provides you with a historical perspective on reflective practice. It also features approaches to understanding reflective practice to facilitate professional development: the who, what, where, when and why. This leads onto the important ‘how’: how to reflect creatively and critically. This section offers a range of tools and models that you can use to reflect upon your work and other parts of your life. Techniques are explored to support a blend of theory, research, reflection and action.

SECTION TWO provides you with a deep and wide range of reflective experiences from a diverse range of global perspectives from Systemic Team Coaches, Medical Doctors, company Directors and so forth. There and numerous prompts and ‘space’ for you to write or sketch your reflections as you progress through these stories.

In SECTION THREE you will discover ways to enhance your reflective journaling as you are guided through impactful approaches that work. This section also shares a variety of extracts from professionals’ journals along with why journaling is so powerful.

Finally, SECTION FOUR combines the key themes of the book to assist you in documenting your reflections over time. It includes a rubric on ‘meta-reflection’ for improving your reflective processes. This practice benefits a range of professionals including Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Change Agents, Mentor Coaches, Teachers, Organisational Development professionals and Coach SUPERvisors to deepen relationships, improve processes and increase impact.

Creative Reflective Practice is a fabulous resource for any professional as it adds to the body of knowledge on reflective practice through original contributions from experts such as David Clutterbuck, Erik de Haan, Nancy Kline, Barry Oshry, Marcia Reynolds, John Leary-Joyce and Hetty Einzig. Over forty specialists have shared their experiences on partnering with teams, culture, embodiment, education, philosophy, leadership, metaphorical landscapes, parenting, SUPERvision, existentialism and transpersonal work, making this book original and indispensable.

“An amazing dive into the important topic of reflective practice… laced with real life personal experiences from across the globe… a must read for all professionals who aspire to make a difference…”
Dr Sam Collins

“Combining theory and experiences from some of the leading figures in the field, this book is an essential companion to any professional who wishes to ensure their work adds value for their clients.”
Ben Croft, Chairman and Founder of WBECS

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