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Coaching Supervision: A Practical Guide for Supervisees

By Helen Isacke|29.09.2022

Coaching Supervision is an intensely practical book providing guidance on when, why and how to seek supervision, and on how coaches can make the most of the supervision they receive.

Just like the coaching relationship, supervision is most successful when it is a collaborative endeavour, with both parties clear on their roles and the process. Written by experienced supervisors who have a deep understanding of the field, and drawing on research into good practice internationally, this book:

  • Explains what supervision is and how it differs from other ‘helping conversations’
  • Provides a step-by-step approach to choosing a supervisor
  • Advises on how to structure the coach/mentor development journey
  • Explores a breadth of activities that enhance reflective practice
  • Shows how supervision is an integral element of professional coaching and mentoring

This practical guide will be vital reading for all established and trainee coaches and mentors participating in the supervision process, either as supervisors or supervisees.

Coaching Supervision: A Practical Guide for Supervisees

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