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Being Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees

By Helen Isacke|16.05.2023

Being Supervised: A Guide for Supervisees provides a complete introduction to help supervisees and supervisors to get the most out of supervision and reap its unique and substantial benefits.

De Haan and Regouin-van Leeuwen present a didactic method that enables professionals in the helping professions to convert insights and experiences into greater professional competence. Presented in three parts, the book approaches theory, methods, and practice from the supervisee’s perspective, answering questions such as: What is supervision? How does it work? What’s the benefit? Part I provides a concise exploration which introduces supervision to future supervisees, Part II is addressed to novice supervisees and examines the supervisory process based on its three main stages, and Part III is focused mainly on advanced supervisees. This fully updated and revised edition includes practical exercises that supervisees and supervisors can use in the preparation of their supervisory journey, taking into account extensive feedback from teachers and supervisors who regularly work with the book, and updates to Ashridge’s Code of Conduct for Supervisors.

Being Supervised will be essential reading for any helping professional beginning supervision or looking to understand more about the process, and for supervisors. It will be particularly relevant for psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, and psychoanalysts in training.

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