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A Caged Mind: How Spiritual Understanding Changed a Life

By Helen Isacke|13.10.2022

Imposter Syndrome, excessive worrying, anxiety, people pleasing and putting the needs of others above your own is common in millions of people. If personal development and self-help books didn't work for you then you will want to read A Caged Mind. This book may evoke insights within you that have the potential to change your life. It is NOT a "how to fix yourself " or a "how to change your life in 7 days" book. It is a book of hope.

Maria Iliffe-Wood, a woman in her fifties, wanted to feel better. In her life there was an undercurrent of unease, anxiety and never feeling good enough. She spent years and thousands of pounds looking for a way to fix herself. Nothing brought her the relief she was looking for. Then a spiritual understanding changed everything. These short snapshots in time, over time, show how insights changed her life at a deep level. They show that you don’t need books on how to be happy, you need a simple understanding of how life works, to live an easier, better life.

A Caged Mind is a new kind of self-help book, where the writer takes you through their own personal experiences to show you the healing journey. Insights changed Maria’s life. Reading this book may evoke insights within you that have the potential to change yours.

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