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This one hour webinar, hosted by Trusted Coach Directory, and presented by Tamson Edmonds – is for Executive Leaders, Team Leaders and Learning & Development professionals eager to prevent team dysfunction and learn how team alignment drives organisational success.

With the onset of AI and tech advancements, change is happening fast. Coupled with economic volatility and uncertainty, teams may fragment under pressure, giving rise to disconnection, dysfunction and pesky silos.

Aligned and unified teams have a higher tolerance for change and uncertainty. They are resilient and know how to tap into their collective strengths and team intelligence to create results.

This doesn’t arise by mere chance or simply because everyone adores the boss. It’s the result of a supportive work environment that fosters a sense of belonging, where team members are genuinely committed to success and delivering quality services and products.

Please join me, Helen Isacke founder of TCD, and Executive and Leadership Coach Tamson Edmonds who will share:

✅ An exploration of team alignment and its benefits
✅ Signs and consequences of misaligned teams
✅ The five foundational principles of an aligned team

This is an interactive webinar, so please come prepared to participate!

You will also receive a scorecard that you can use with your team to test your level of team alignment.

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Your webinar host: Tamson Edmonds

Hello, I’m Tamson, an Executive and Leadership Coach with over a decade of experience applying neuroscience and psychology-backed coaching and training. I founded Amara Coaching and Training in 2017, and my impact spans elite sport, leading tech firms and creative agencies, including being the Twitter UK Team Coach before Elon Musk arrived in 2022. I’m on a mission to equip leaders with the psychological finesse to build high-performance cultures for the benefit of all their stakeholders.

I look forward to connecting with you on the webinar! 😊

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