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Hosted by the Trusted Coach Directory, TCD Executive Coach Jo Manton explores how you can implement a successful 360- feedback survey into your organisation.

360-feedback tools are commonly used in organisations, especially for those who have been promoted into a leadership or management position, or those already in one and taking part in a leadership development programme.

However, the problem with 360-feedback is three-fold:

  1. Slow and incomplete take-up
  2. Low quantity of feedback
  3. Poor quality feedback.

Join Helen Isacke from the TCD and Jo Manton to explore these problems and discover how you can implement a successful 360- feedback survey into your organisation.

This event is ideal for HR Professionals who want a better understanding of 360-feedback in order to support their management and leadership teams, as well as people who may soon be asking for feedback and want to get the most from the process.

You will leave with greater confidence about whether a 360-feedback assessment is right for your organisation, a 5-step approach to maximise the benefits of using a 360-tool and a checklist of factors to consider before you start. You will also leave with an action plan to make the 360-feedback experience work for you if you are a leader taking part in the process.

Please note this is an interactive live webinar, with a short breakout session, please come ready to participate!

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Jo Manton is an Executive and Leadership Coach, a Strozzi Institute certified Somatic Coach and qualified facilitator for The Leadership Challenge Workshop and Leadership Practices Inventory. Jo specialises in helping clients feel as successful on the inside as they look to others on the outside.

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