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Jo Manton

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Team Coach · Career Coach · Performance Coach

Northampton, London & South East

United Kingdom

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About me

Executive Coach - Northampton, London & South East

I am an Executive and Leadership Coach, a Strozzi Institute certified Somatic Coach and qualified facilitator for The Leadership Challenge Workshop and Leadership Practices Inventory.

I specialise in helping clients feel as successful on the inside as they look to others on the outside.

I believe everyone has the ability to lead, and that leadership is an aspiration and a choice.

Clients are typically navigating through change and may be a senior leader or manager, an expert or professional in their field, a middle manager, or someone identified as being ‘high potential’ (e.g.: on a company talent programme).

Often, clients have an international background and are currently living and working in the UK having moved here from abroad.

Challenges addressed typically include confidence and decision making, developing leadership presence and impact, clarifying career direction, strategic awareness, handling conflict, and team development, to name just a few.

My approach is practical, and outcome orientated. I enable clients to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

I find that in engaging with their leadership challenges, a client’s typical process involves clarifying:
• What they believe is right & wrong
• What they believe needs to change
• What they believe an ideal future looks like
• What they believe people are capable of
• What they believe motivates people.

My focus is on helping clients develop their ability to build commitments, make embodied requests and develop strong relationships with trust at their core.

“Jo’s coaching helped me in defining my identity as a leader – what is important to me as a leader, what I wanted my leadership to be, and the team values I want to instil in my own team – and also in figuring out how to then put those principles into practice. She provided insightful, non-judgmental, and supportive coaching to me individually, and also facilitated a day’s team retreat which role-modelled to me what a good team retreat can look like and helped me to establish the ways of working I wanted to see across my team.” Lizzie S, Director.

I have worked with leaders from a wide range of organisations, including Hitachi Capital, Imagination Technologies, TSB, Oxford Policy Management, Royal British Legion and Rolls Royce.

I am qualified to administer various psychometric profiling tools, including: MBTI (I and II), FIRO- B, LPI 360, TMSDI, Hogan HDS and SDI. As well as being a somatic coach, I am also a Transactional Analysis and NLP Practitioner.

I am based in Northamptonshire and cover the whole country including London and the South East.

Coaching is usually via combination of in-person and virtual sessions.

To find out more about me, please visit my website or my Linked In profile.

To explore whether I can help call 01604 340990 or email
Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC – Associate member


Strozzi Institute certified Somatic Coach Practitioner Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching Skills, i-coach academyCertified Leadership Challenge and LPI 360® Facilitator Transactional Analysis PractitionerNLP PractitionerAccredited to use MBTI® Step I and Step II, FIRO-B®, TMSDI, Hogan HDS and SDI.

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Jo coached me as part of a leadership development course in early 2020. She was wonderful to work with, really encouraging and supportive and enabled me to come up with solutions to challenges I faced in leading my team. She helped build my confidence in my ability to lead my team and I can safely say the team is functioning more effectively as a result of Jo's coaching. J.H.


Jo is a helpful and insightful coach with good intuition. She is a clear communicator, on top of things and is skilled at talking through challenges in ways that enable the coachee to identify and implement solutions. S. H.


I went into coaching sessions with some apprehensions on how much more insight I could gain on leadership issues through structured sessions, but I finished the course completely convinced about the value of these session. Jo was such a fantastic coach, and was able to strike the perfect balance between being a patient listener, asking great questions, and offering very useful advice, but never on a platter. I had gone into the sessions with questions around how to build a shared vision for teams, and as we talked through real workplace examples, Jo always pushed me to find my own answers, and weighed in on them, which was very helpful. Jo also pushed me to think beyond strategies, plans, budgets, and projects, to the more human side of team - the individuals, their stories, and what drove them in their work. I am confident that this line of thinking will be very useful now, especially since these sessions are over. I was very impressed, not just by Jo's technical prowess, but also with the fact that she was very professional always, and a very warm and friendly person in general. I hope to take the learning from these session - and also the new way of looking at problems - and apply these in my workplace. Alok Rajan, Oxford Policy Management


Coaching was a new experience for me; I chose to work with Jo because when we met I’d been impressed by her knowledge, expertise and professional approach. She made me feel at ease, knew how to get me out of my comfort zone and created a safe space to help me focus on my career goals. I found the experience really valuable. Jo gave me practical tools to shape my career direction and provided the support and confidence I needed to move forward. I now have a clear career action plan in place and have learned useful techniques that I’ve been actively using to manage my plan. This has switched my mind-set completely and changed my whole approach to how I manage my work and career. I have become much more positive about the future and am excited about my next steps. Thank you Jo! Stephanie Tisdall, Associate Director – Head of Engagement at Project Centre Ltd


In a senior leadership role you’re expected to know almost everything; be able to navigate yourself, the team and the business through change. I chose to work with Jo as my Coach because she demonstrates strong skills in the coaching field, is professional in her approach and has proven interpersonal and multi-cultural awareness. She had also worked with my management team to develop their coaching skills, so I knew she was genuinely able to drive improvement and achieve results. Through my coaching conversations with Jo, I improved as a leader as I became more aware of how my leadership influences others. I fine-tuned my coaching style and now use it more frequently when faced with challenges from the business. I upgraded my analytical and holistic thinking which helps me now to assess situations and make decisions in a more thought-through manner. In total, the chance to discuss challenges meant that I could execute several topics with a higher level of clarity and confidence. Markus Edström, CEO Commercial Finance Americas, Siemens Financial Services


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