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The Art of Better Decision-Making: A webinar hosted by TCD, facilitated by Leadership Coach Jon Bircher

Decision-making, often overlooked in personal and professional development, stands as a cornerstone of life and leadership. Our life is made up of the choices we make. Few organisations invest in developing the mindset and skills that help their people make better decisions, so grab hold of this opportunity to invest in the art of better decision-making.

Join Jon Bircher, an experienced Leadership and Decision Coach, in our exclusive webinar crafted for Leaders, Coaches, and HR Professionals. That said, each of us will make millions of decisions in our lifetime. Decisions that shape our life story and have a wide-reaching impact on the stories of those around us. Decisions shape our leadership and the lives of those we serve. So this webinar will benefit anyone interested in making better decisions.

In this dynamic hour, we’ll unravel the profound impact of decisions with Jon’s passionate belief that ‘Our Decisions Matter.’ As we navigate the decision-making terrain, we’ll explore the art of making impactful choices using powerful questions.

Get ready for an insightful session that will reshape your decision-making and elevate your leadership.

You will leave with a simple best-practice framework for better decision-making and a copy of Jon’s 30 Questions for Better Decision-Making.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your approach to decision-making, helping you and the people you serve and support. Secure your spot now!


Jon Bircher, Co-founder Salt & Light Coaching

I am an ICF-accredited leadership and decision coach, former CEO, and a strategic advisor with over 27 years of Commercial and Consulting experience, with deep expertise in Pharma and Biotech. As a coach, I bring a blend of questioning, listening, observation, empathy, and challenge coupled with strategic know-how and leadership expertise. I love walking alongside my clients as they find clarity of direction and confidence in decision-making.

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