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Jon Bircher

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Guildford, London, South East

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About me

Leadership Coach - Guildford

Hi, I am Jon Bircher, a Decision Coach and Mentor walking alongside leaders and leadership teams as they make high-stake decisions. I am a co-founder of Salt & Light Leadership Coaching.

Before my formal coaching, I was an experienced CEO, internal coach and strategy consultant with more than 25 years of leadership experience, most recently leading teams within a rapidly growing global consulting firm where I got to work with thousands of Pharma and Biotech leaders and executives around the globe. I have a depth of commercial experience gleaned from clients (Pfizer, AZ Sanofi) and consulting side roles.

Much of my strategy and advisory work over the last 15 years has involved supporting biotech and pharma companies as they navigate complexity and look to make solid strategic decisions. This has often involved supporting senior individuals and teams through visioning, insight generation, strategic and marketing planning, competitive assessment and plan execution. I also have rich international experience in facilitation, working with senior leaders in strategy, critical thinking, process design, contingency planning and leadership

As a coach, I bring a blend of questioning, listening, observation, empathy, and challenge coupled with strategic know-how and leadership expertise. I love helping my clients find clarity of direction, conviction, and confidence in their decision-making.
Our decisions demonstrate who we are, how we think, what we believe and what we value. In essence, our leadership is visible in the choices we make and the way we make them.

Decision-making can be tough, especially when the stakes are high, the pressure is on, and the choices aren't crystal clear. This is why we created a distinctive leadership coaching experience focused on walking alongside leaders and leadership teams as they make high-stake decisions.

We believe that our decisions matter and we can all learn to make better ones. Perhaps one of these resonates for you?

• Are you facing a big decision and feeling ill-equipped?
• Is this decision so complex and ambiguous that you don't know where to start?
• Do you find yourself overthinking or procrastinating?
• Are you frustrated with the time it takes to make decisions as a team?
• Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of options and opinions?
• Are you struggling to prioritise your time?

The areas we most commonly support clients include - developing awareness of decision and leadership preferences, bringing clarity to the decision-making process, developing decision-making skills, aligning decisions with character, moving from indecision to action, tapping into the collective intelligence of teams and in-the-moment decisions.

We do this through:
1. Individual Coaching Programmes
2. Group Coaching cohorts
3. Leadership Team Facilitation and Coaching
4. Decision Training

I am committed to helping individuals, teams and businesses find clarity of direction and make quality decisions.

To explore your coaching needs, please contact me to arrange an initial chat by clicking on the 'Book a Call' button or complete the Send a Message box.
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International Coach Federation

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ICF - Individual MemberICF - Associate Certified Coach


The Coach Practioner Programme - Coaching Development An Accredited Zircon BeTalent PractitionerBritish Psychological Society-approved tools and training including Decision Styles, Strengths, Leadership, Resilience, and Psychological SafetyAccredited C-me practitioner.The Thinking Partnership - Time to Think The Power MBA

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I have had the pleasure of working with Jon for over a decade; over the past year more specifically in a leadership and coaching capacity. During this time, Jon has helped me to process and better understand my own desires as a leader. His ability to listen, question and constructively challenge, coupled with his own deep experiences as a commercial leader has meant that he has enabled me to establish a deeper understanding of myself and my company, and identify actions and behaviors that support my intentions of the culture I’m seeking to build. Jon is extremely resourceful and has developed an innate ability to read the moment, challenge when necessary, pause when needed and provide encouragement so that I always leave our discussions with a strong sense of reflection and clarity of purpose as I continue my leadership journey


I have worked with Jon as my coach for nearly 2 years now and he has helped me work through specific business challenges as well as help me strategically plan the next phase of my career. He has a skill in being able to ask high value questions at just right time! During our sessions he draws on his own considerable personal experience as a leader as well as his experience in strategy. My sessions with Jon have profoundly moved my thinking on and helped me make better decisions as a leader. I also appreciate that I am able to bring almost any issue or situation to the sessions and know that whatever it is after an hour or so I will be in a much better place to move forward. I cannot recommend Jon highly enough and it is a pleasure to be able to make this recommendation.


I have known and worked with Jon for over a decade and specifically in the past two years have benefited from his support, advice and direction as a leadership coach to me as a senior leader at Pfizer. Jon's deep experience as a Commercial Leader and CEO provide a strong and relevant backbone that his coaching builds from. He understands deeply how organisations work and what drives a great culture and team to deliver on their goals. Over two years he has helped me to define my purpose, priorities and build a deeper understanding of self so that I can be better leader and ensure that my I'm staying true to my personal values and beliefs. His ability to listen and appropriately challenge and question is outstanding and has helped to reveal more about myself in order to grow and develop as I continue my leadership journey. Beyond this he has facilitated multiple team leadership sessions with my direct reports and has helped to bring together diverse cultures and leaders to align around our shared purpose.


I highly recommend Jon as a coach. I worked with Jon whilst transitioning into a CEO role, and I found our series of sessions invaluable. He is practised in coaching skills, has many different models to draw on, and as a bonus is able to draw on his own senior leadership experience. Highly recommended! Chris Green, CEO of Xapien

Specialist areas
Decision Making Delegation Focus Influencing Skills Leadership Mentor for Leaders Problem Solving Procrastination Strategy Team Coaching
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