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“A lot of coaching work is carried out in isolation – just the coach and the client. It is therefore inevitable that as a coach you will get stuck in some colluded or fixed thinking. Supervision provides an opportunity to get distance from your own perspective.  In a space we are able to slow down, review past and anticipate future choices and bring more into our awareness so that we can operate with conscious competence more of the time.” Seren Trewavas

It is generally recognised that while coaching supervision is increasingly valued and promoted within the coaching profession, there still exists a large number of coaches who don’t actively participate in supervision for various reasons, such as perceived cost, not enough coaching clients, scepticism about its benefits or lack of awareness.

If you are sceptical about the benefits of supervision, or would like to experience working with a different supervisor, then sign up to a taster session. You can either join a small group, or book a 1-2-1 session.

Starting in June, TCD is organising monthly taster supervision groups, led by a TCD Coach Supervisor. Join a small group with 3 other supervisees where you can discuss your client work and coaching business in a safe space.

The first group taster session is on Thursday 6th June 14:0o – 15:30, facilitated by TCD Coach Supervisor Jan Brause.

The cost is £75 + VAT per person, or £65 + VAT if you are a TCD Community Coach

Jan Brause Supervisor Bio 2024

What exactly is Supervision?
You will find definitions on the website’s of all the professional coaching bodies. The EMCC’s definition of supervision is: A safe space for reflective dialogue with a practicing supervisor, supporting the supervisee’s practice, development and well-being.

The purpose of supervision is to:

• ensure the supervisee maintains appropriate professional standards
• facilitate the development of the supervisee’s professional practice
• provide support for the supervisee’s well-being

Register your interest here for either group or 1-2-1 supervision, and TCD Founder Helen Isacke will get in touch to book you in.

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