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About me

Career Coach & Supervisor - London

As an Organisational Psychologist for over 25 years I am passionate about creating insightful and impactful development experiences for individuals and teams using insights from psychology and highly creative approaches.

Over the course of my career I have worked across Europe, the USA and the Far East with a diverse range of clients from a wide variety of sectors ranging from retail, pharmaceutical, construction, finance, to large public sector organisations such as The Civil Service, and third sector organisations such as The British Red Cross. I have run development programmes on emotional intelligence for rocket scientists at the European Space Agency, to “Just Imagine” sessions with an interpreter in Japanese as part of the BBC’s renowned Making it Happen culture change initiative back in 2004.

As a coach

My journey as a coach started 15 years ago at the BBC where I trained with Ashridge Business School as an Executive Coach. Since then I have helped many clients make successful transitions into leadership roles, achieve greater impact and influence in the work they do, achieve a healthy work-life balance, find new career directions or find greater meaning and purpose in their working lives.

My core strength is the ability to build strong, trusted relationships with my clients and collaborate with them to build a vision for success. Using deep psychological insight I am able to get under the surface and unearth core values, motivations, strengths and blind spots. I also work to identify unhelpful thinking patterns or assumptions that may be blocking a client's potential for success. I draw from a number of modalities such as solution focused approaches, NLP, strengths based approaches, clean language and metaphor, cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative approaches, acceptance and commitment therapy and transpersonal approaches. I believe coaching at its best to be a creative process that helps connect or reconnect people with their own creativity and skills.

Read my latest article in the CEO Today Magazine 'How to Solve the Challenges of Today'. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

As a supervisor

I am able to offer 1-1 or group supervision to practising coaches who wish to develop their coaching approach. My supervision allows coaches to step back and consider how some of the contextual factors might be impacting on theirs and their coachees’ experiences, and also to help the coach focus on the details of the relationships, and how they can use their own “in the moment” experiences of their client to help promote awareness and insight. Coaches have sought my supervision for a number of reasons – they want to be the best coach they can be, they may be stuck with where to go with a particular client or clients, or they may recognise the need for a safe space to disentangle their client’s emotions from their own.

If you think I may be able to help I am very happy to offer a free consultation for you to explore if my coaching approach and style would be right for you. Please contact me on: or use the Send Message box.
Professional body membership

International Coach FederationEuropean Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Professional Certified CoachEMCC - Accredited Senior PractitionerEMCC - ESIA - Accredited Supervisor


Chartered organisational psychologistICF Professional certified coachEMCC certified coach (Senior Practitioner)EMCC certified coach supervisorDiploma in coaching supervisionNLP Master PractitionerInsights discoveryDimensions Belbin team rolesStrengths Deployment InventoryDisc certified trainer

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Seren is a warm and generous mentor. I look forward to every session where I know I will learn something new to deepen my coaching practice. Thank you Seren for all the insights and guidance you have provided for me over the last year. Lisa.


Seren is a good coach, I have started to work with her more or less half a year ! And we made some nice progress , she’s so professional so I could recommend anyone. Also a good point she has a good sense of humour. Best regards Seren. B. Zsolt


I feel very fortunate to have chosen Seren as my coaching supervisor having reviewed many profiles online before contacting her. As a relatively inexperienced coach, I always find our sessions invaluable, guided by her skillful and insightful questions, which always bring the conversation back to me and my coaching, thereby demonstrating great coaching in the moment. Our discussions usually focus on an issue where I am stuck with a client and I always emerge having learned something about me and about my coaching. She is calmly supportive and challenging and creates a safe space and refuge in which I am confident I can continue to develop as a coach and that my approaches will be safe for my clients. SK


I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Seren. She's a truly exceptional coach and coach supervisor. Working with her, I most appreciate her level of rigour and sense of care. These qualities in tandem have enabled insights, shifts in thinking and tangible next steps. Simply put Seren's supervision has had a huge positive impact on my professional practice and ability to support/challenge my clients effectively. LF


I have had a number of coaching supervision sessions with Seren, which I have found incredibly helpful. Seren really tunes in and I find she asks brilliant questions that help me reflect on my practice, gain new insights and take next steps. Having coaching conversations with Seren has certainly enabled me to explore a number of scenario's, develop ideas and arrive at tangible outcomes for how I can move forward. I see her as a positive role model in coaching and have learnt a lot from seeing her approach and style. I would highly recommend Seren as a coach. - JK


I was lucky enough to be taught, coached and supervised by Seren over 5 years, an amazing passionate Coach who truly understands, lives and breathes Coaching principles and helps others succeed and achieve. Seren educated, supported and challenged me through my accreditation as a Coach. This felt like a huge privilege to absorb knowledge, info and even beliefs from someone with such experience and passion. As a Coach Seren puts you first and is great at helping you reflect, explore and act on whatever it is you want or need to! As a supervisor I have never felt more psychologically secure, Seren has a skill in facilitating Supervision so that it achieves its supportive and restorative aims. Although Seren won't admit it from being so humble, she is a modern coaching guru, I have been on many coaching courses and worked with hundreds of coaches, Seren knows, understands and lives Coaching! D.W.


Seren is my coach supervisor. She provides me with invaluable insights into my coaching interventions, presence and style. She offers unique observations that help to raise my awareness of opportunities that directly elevate my practice and impact. She is experienced and well read on the subject of coaching, and shares her knowledge with abundant generosity. I highly recommend Seren as a coach supervisor. Jennifer M.


I first worked with Seren 10 years ago at ITV and her coaching skills have sculpted my approach to leadership today. Seren has been invaluable in helping me think about how to take the business forward. Seren asks questions that really challenge your thinking and is skilful in helping you identify what is really important. - R


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