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Join this webinar – hosted by the Trusted Coach Directory – where Dr Roy Childs explores why this statement might not be true.

The MBTI® assessment is probably the most widely used psychometric tool. It claims to provide personal insight into fundamental aspects of your personality. However, many academics berate it – claiming it is unscientific and meaningless. Many claim that the ‘trait approach’ epitomised by the Big Five personality model is far more rigorous and accurate. Are they right?

Dr Roy Childs will outline the basis on which MBTI is criticised, highlight weaknesses in the Big Five model and argue for a more grown-up debate about the nature of personality and how to measure it.

If you use MBTI – or if you avoid using it because of the criticisms (10 Unfair Criticisms of Type) then join Dr Roy Childs on Wednesday 10th July who will explore several of these criticisms which include:

Type Theory is less scientific than Trait Theory. 

  • Is this unequivocal or is it based on a simple and superficial analysis of the issues?

Preference is a weak indicator of personality. 

  • Should personality be reflected in behaviour – and, if so, should we ask people what they do rather than what they prefer?

Type theory takes a static view of personality

  • The psychometric model emphasises consistency and stability. Is that the best way to think about personality – what about change over time and across contexts?

Type labels put you in a box suggesting rigidity

  • MBTI is accused of labelling, implying rigidity. Is this correct or is it based on a fundamental misunderstanding about how different parts of our character interact?

The lack of bimodality invalidates Type Theory. 

  • Do academics who use this argument really understand the nature of psychometrics and how little distributions of scores can tell us?


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Roy Childs, PhD, is a Business Psychologist who works as a facilitator, coach, trainer and researcher.  His background in psychometrics includes having worked with some of the best-known authors of personality questionnaires including Ray Cattell (16PF) and Will Schutz (FIRO). Roy has worked with Psychological Type since the 1980’s and was a founder member of the Myers-Briggs User Group. His combination of a psychometric background with extensive practitioner experience gave him a valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of both MBTI and other questionnaires which he has used to develop a new approach to the use of Type called Type Mapping. Roy runs the widest range of BPS recognised qualifying courses in the UK and his publications include “the Psychometric Minefield”, “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership” , “Coaching with FIRO Element B”.

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