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Dave Stitt created this online course for younger managers who’ve been promoted on their technical or problem-solving skills but who haven’t learned the ‘soft skills’ of people management and worry they might flop as a result.

It’s also for mature managers who need to upgrade their management style to get something new or out-of-the-ordinary done. You’ll take your team to the next level when you stop controlling and start coaching.

You’ll learn how to incorporate basic coaching techniques into your management style. Based on the International Coaching Federation’s competencies, the techniques can be used right away to get tangible results.

When managers coach, they enable their people to think for themselves, which means they grow in confidence and capability, and they start really enjoying their work.

Who this course is for:

  • Young managers keen to build their leadership skills on a secure and sustainable foundation
  • Managers of any age who are burning out because they’re trying to control everyone and everything
  • Managers who are stuck and need to harness the energy, intelligence and commitment of people around them to achieve big things

When does it start?

What you’ll learn

  • How to develop a coaching management style to get more traction at work
  • Strategies for leading naturally, in a way you and your people enjoy
  • Tools for more effective communication
  • How to enable your people to work things out for themselves
  • How to cultivate higher performance in people, teams, projects and organisations
  • How to generate excitement and commitment to big goals


  • Willingness to try new approaches and learn as you go
  • Come with an open mind and an expectation that your thinking will be challenged
  • Understanding that a team’s culture emerges from what you as manager say and do

Why is Dave qualified to teach this course?

“Because I lived the transformation. For 20 years, I was a tough, command-and-control project manager rising through the ranks of national construction companies. Once, I saw ‘Dave Stitt is a b*****d!’ scrawled on a site toilet wall, and I was proud. Then I was introduced to coaching when I led a number of big company transformation programmes, and I’ve never looked back. Today, I’m a Professional Certified Coach, and have spent over 20 years coaching company boards and major project leadership teams. I created the course so you can avoid the stress I felt, and caused, for all those years.” Dave Stitt


What do people who’ve taken the course say?

They love it.

Many young managers completed the course, and I wasn’t prepared for the avalanche of positive feedback I got. Some of them agreed to let me tell their stories.

Nathan Oliver, a sought-after freelance architectural technologist, said the course prepared him finally to take on staff and grow his business.

Alexandra Smith and Holly Williams are business development managers for a national company. They said the techniques boosted their confidence and helped them hold better conversations to secure the help they needed from more senior technical people.

Alex Young is a rising star at a national water company who turned to command-and-control management out of fear that something would go wrong. ‘I essentially tried to turn my team into robots, or messengers, or go-betweens, acting purely on my instructions rather than trusting them to think and make decisions for themselves,’ he said. It worked for a while but soon he was burning out.

He credits this course for giving him strategies for getting results through his team, not in spite of them.

Civil engineer Michael Fisher said he’d drifted into the habit of command-and-control management (as I did) because he was unaware of alternatives. Relationships in his team were deteriorating as a result.

‘I will use these tools for the rest of my career!’ he told me.


What now?

Coach for Results gives you exactly what you need to develop your leadership skills on a secure and sustainable foundation. It’ll guide you every step of the way as you become a confident and effective coach-manager.

The course has 20 short videos each with a recommended activity. I’d suggest you do two per week making it a 10 week course, though all the material is available at the start so you can go at your own pace. There is also a Workbook to capture your thinking and learning as you go, this becomes a record of your learning journey.

The only thing left to do is sign up! 

PS… and there is my Coach for Results book, it’s available on Amazon.

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