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Hosted by the Trusted Coach Directory, with presenter TCD Coach Bernie O’Keeffe

Values are a key element both in business and our day to day life. The question is: how often do we truly adhere to our values? Organisations who promote their corporate values but don’t live by them can often lead to reputational and financial loss. The same applies to individuals as the values we aspire to can impact on our daily lives both in work and on a personal level.

Join Bernie O’Keeffe, Business and Lifestyle Coach, in our exclusive webinar for HR Professionals. Bernie will discuss the importance of values – both business and personal – and the role that HR can play in promoting company values, so that employees at all levels live and breathe them. This webinar will benefit anyone who sees values as a key element to one’s business and personal success.

The hour long webinar will allow for discussion and feedback around what values mean to you and the organisation you work for. Bernie will share his passion and belief that by truly living our values it will benefit you as a person and the organisation as a whole.

The session will be thought provoking in promoting values as a key element in HR strategic thinking.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your approach to putting values into action to enhance business and personal credibility. Secure your spot now!

Bernie O’Keeffe is an AC and Institute of Leadership accredited Business and Lifestyle coach. In addition to coaching, Bernie has a senior HR background of nearly 40 years working in the UK and Ireland, primarily in rail, waste management and forecourt retail industries.

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