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Have you wondered if coaching is really the best approach to support a neurodivergent person?

And if so, what sort of things do you need to consider?

The Trusted Coach Directory is delighted to welcome Career Coach Lindsey Wheeler who will share research about the effectiveness of coaching neurodiverse clients.

Lindsey will explore some adjustments that can be made to your coaching approach that will make a significant difference to the client and their outcomes, plus….

  • Research on how and why coaching is a helpful intervention
  • Tips on what works and what doesn’t
  • Find out which techniques and approaches work best

This event is for internal and external coaches who are considering a coaching intervention. It is also for those already engaged in coaching a neurodiverse person who would like to understand which techniques are most effective in supporting the client.

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Lindsey Wheeler

Career Coach Berkshire, Lindsey Wheeler, Executive Coach Buckinghamshire

Lindsey’s background is in the Tech sector across global sales, channel management, business development, strategic initiatives and HR. She has worked with teams all around the world, all of which enables her to support and understand the challenges of leaders.

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