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Career Coach Berkshire, Lindsey Wheeler, Executive Coach Buckinghamshire
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Career Coach - Bucks, Berks & London

Key to helping employees overcome the shock and trauma of being advised their role is at risk and/or being made redundant is providing them with a safe and supportive environment that helps them make sense of the emotional roller-coaster they are experiencing and providing the structure and expertise that will help them be motivated to move on with their lives, as quickly as possible.

Outplacement Support
I provide a caring and personal approach that supports employees emotionally as they go through the transition 'curve' and provide individual career support that maintains a positive mind-set, helps preserve your relationship with the employee and results in a positive outcome for your company's reputation and brand. Typical themes are:

* Managing the transition
* Developing a career strategy
* CV preparation
* How to use LinkedIn and network
* How to maintain motivation
* Managing Recruiters
* Interview preparation and practice

Career Coaching
My approach is to listen and support my clients as they express their hopes and aspirations and then work alongside them to create a career strategy and gain the skills and knowledge to achieve the future life they want. Together we write a great CV and LinkedIn profile and establish a career strategy that reduces stress and develops achievable goals.

* Developing a Career Strategy
* CV and LinkedIn profiles
* Job Search strategy
* Maintaining Motivation

Executive Coaching
I work as a strategic sounding board and personal development coach for business leaders where you are free to express and explore thoughts, ideas, business and personal challenges. Discussions often include personal growth and aspirations, the challenges of being a leader, leadership behaviours, managing a leadership team and even exit plans, in a blend of executive coaching and business consultancy.

My background is in the Tech sector across global sales, channel management, business development, strategic initiatives and HR working with teams all around the world. All of which enables me to support and understand the challenges of leaders.

Leadership teams
One of the most common problems I come across is a 'dysfunctional' leadership team. I facilitate the leadership teams development to build a trusting, supportive and operationally effective team. This includes aligning and defining:

* Business goals, transformations and challenges
* Developing a trusting and trusted leadership team
* Operational efficiency - the what, who, when and how
* Identifying personal approaches to leadership

Contact me for a free consultation 07771 872709
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I originally chose to work with Lindsey for coaching because of her additional layers of expertise in business change and communication. Starting out with a particular business focus, over time the coaching process opened out, with Lindsey’s excellent range of tools prompting me to explore more broadly. One of Lindsey’s strengths is her ability to balance deeper discovery with keeping focus, clarity and clear next steps. She’s an excellent listener, who skilfully reflects back each conversation to lead to action planning. I think what sets her apart is her holistic approach to coaching, using innovative and creative tools that span business and personal application. Lindsey is highly attentive, caring and brings a lovely mix of calm, humour and professionalism. Jo, Change Communication Consultant


Lindsey is an incredible person. She has a remarkable ability to empathise and see the whole of a person’s experience, and helped me connect all the challenges and learning in my personal and family life into my work life - not that they are different lives - that’s the point: they are different situations of a person’s life. She taught and changed my ideas about coaching. Erik H.


Lindsey was recommended to me by a friend who had used her services to get her job. Following redundancy, a career change and not attended an interview for 20 years I was in need of help. Lindsey took the time to get to know me and what I now wanted for the next stage of my life. Lindsey was there for me from CV profile to job searches and interview techniques. Within 3 weeks I had 2 interviews and now have a dream job. I am more than happy to recommend Lindsey to anyone seeking coaching for new career direction. Thank you Lindsey.


I have worked with Lindsey for 2 years, where she has taken the role of coaching me during a period of career change. I have been developing a specialised, strategic marketing and communications consultancy business. Lindsey always takes a professional approach. As a coach she simultaneously allows you to develop and explore your own immediate topics, whilst challenging you to dig much deeper for the answers that a given situation might require. In my case this has yielded a much more confident individual, who can try different initiatives in order to find out what works. Lindsey also provides an excellent objective, business experienced sounding board for these new initiatives. Especially as an owner operator, this is provides further valuable exploration space, whilst ensuring that the main goals remain adhered to. I can reflect on 2+ years of consistent development, a business which has direction, and a personal focus and motivation, which would not have had its current progression without Lindsey's valuable contribution.


I worked with Lindsey for about a year as my executive coach when I was new to being a CEO. She helped me understand the shift I needed to make from being a competent manager and director to becoming a leader and a CEO. Her approach was not just academic about how I needed to act but instilled in me how it feels to be a leader and set the tone and vision for my company. I now understand that some great leaders are born, but most leaders can be grown. This realisation and the constant reinforcement through monthly meetings allowed me to change my mindset, adjust the direction and strategy of the business to deliver the outcomes I needed for my shareholders. I recommend anyone trying to jump the gap from management to leader to work with Lindsey. John Bradshaw, Director


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