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TCD Coach Supervisor Shirley Thompson has a spare place in one of her groups. Shirley says…

“Peer supervision encourages participants to reflect on their ideas and intentions for supervision, with other professional coaches. There is the added advantage of seeing how other people coach. People seem to like the format (3 people in the group) which can be negotiated for the benefit of a particular group; often as the group members get to know one another and more comfortable with stretching their comfort zone and becoming specific about needs.

The format supports coaches as individuals, in their client work and in getting clearer about their boundaries and intentions as a coach. The format also broadens our perspectives to consider everyone’s views: e.g. about ethics and the coaching profession.

Supervision supports our ongoing development as coaches. For a model of coach development, see Katherine Long’s supervision model – the self in supervision – which asks “who am I becoming as coach?”. (See Long, K. (2011). The self in supervision. T. Bachkirova, P. Jackson & D. Clutterbuck, Coaching & mentoring supervision: Theory and practice, 78-90.

Shirley offers a choice of two established groups which meet on Monday mornings and a third place in each of them, so there are two dates to choose from: 13th November and 4th December. Would you like to trial it at this reduced cost of £60? 

This would also suit internal coaches who are interested in working with external coaches in a supervision environment,

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Shirley Thompson

Shirley loves facilitating peer supervision groups because of the engagement between coaches to support each other by appreciating different coaching styles and expectations. It has supported her to spend time influencing her tribe, project managers, on responsible project management and adoption of coaching skills for collaboration.

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