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Performance Coach Ringwood, Shirley Thompson

Shirley Thompson

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Performance Coach Ringwood, Shirley Thompson
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Coach Supervisor - Southampton

Shirley is a highly-experienced Performance and Leadership Coach, NLP Practitioner, and mentors/supervises new coaches. Shirley enjoys group work either as coach supervisor or coach. She also promotes 'Responsible Conversation' to help project managers and technical leaders to become aware of coaching skills and to use them effectively, for improved communication, relationships and collaboration.

Supervisor, mentor & coach
With an approachable, supportive, and challenging stance ( this has been called "a unique push and pull strategy"), and with a pragmatic worldview and its emphasis on social hope, Shirley alternates between being coach, supervisor, and mentor. She firmly believes that coaching and supervision underpin learning for professional development. Group work can bring new perspectives for reflection and awareness.
Her coaching aims to facilitate the thinking process through listening, observational feedback and relevant questioning and trusts this brings the insight needed. Shirley strives towards a partnership that focuses on the thinker’s agenda. Increasingly the emphasis is on the contracting of conversations which seems to help personal growth and wisdom around human relationships.
Responsible Conversation is a focus in all her work with the aim of raising awareness and understanding of intention of relationship. The emphasis for all is to negotiate well for personal needs and wants, to supporting increased awareness and responsibility. She aims to support coaches and leaders improve their own coaching skills for everyday work conversations. Practice instils belief in inner knowing.

Responsible Project Management
Shirley is involved in the Responsible Project Management initiative (see which seeks to support project managers to broaden their responsibilities to people and planet issues, not just profit. Yet project professionals are already time-pressured; project managers typically have the world on their shoulders and need to empower others and delegate. The constant ‘doing’ can inhibit any pause for reflection, collaboration with the team or negotiation with stakeholders.

Mentoring programme for PMI UK
While Shirley acts as mentor 1:1, usually for communication skills, she also helps to run the mentoring programme for PMI UK. She is passionate about introducing project managers to coach skills, which was the basis of her doctoral research enabling project managers to better understand how to flex their soft skills at work.

Motivational maps accreditation
Shirley has ACC coach and PMP project manager credentials with ICF and PMI respectively. She is also accredited to use Motivational Maps, which help individuals, teams and an organisation better understand their motivation and performance levels.

Find out more about Shirley on her website or Linked In profile at:

To discuss your own opportunity for change and to explore whether Shirley can help sort out what’s been bothering you, call 07793 745 450
Professional body membership

International Coach Federation

Level of membership/accreditation

ICF - Associate Certified Coach


Doctorate in Coaching & Mentoring Oxford Brookes Uni, 2019; Team Coach Supervision, Alison Hodge, 2017; Coach Supervisor, 2016, Oxford Brookes; Life Coaching, 2004, The Coaching Academy;

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I am extremely grateful to be part of one of Shirley's coach supervision groups to help me keep focused. My observations of Shirley have been consistently positive; she provides reflection, direction, complete sincerity, and space in which to grow. Her critical thinking powers are one of her drivers which is often proving to be well balanced by her ability to stand back and reflect the group dynamics as well as the Coach’s own unique strengths and competencies whilst enabling her progress to her best advantage. I would recommend Shirley to other serious Coaches who’s aims are around achieving a personal development at a 360°angle.


I highly recommend Shirley for coaching. She brings a unique combination of corporate project management experience (IBM) and many years of supporting small business owners and individuals. On top of this she is very knowledgeable and comes with the highest academic credentials too (working on a coaching-focussed PhD). I found her style to be understated and kind yet suitably challenging and solution/action-orientated. My experience has been fully flexible, receiving the coaching in a timescale and volume that suits me, for which I am very grateful. She has helped me to change my thinking and overcome self-imposed limitations in a particular work context. And facilitated the identification of a number of practical achievable steps to move my business forward. My coaching is ongoing and I will continue to work with Shirley. I also have a business mentor. These two developmental influences continue to have a huge benefit for me and my business results show this. It is my pleasure to recommend Shirley. Give her a call, she's great! John Chisholm MSc, Managing Partner at Crescente Ltd.


My experience of being coached by Shirley was as a curious, action orientated coach. She was reliable, engaged, and helped me to organise and structure my ideas so I could take consistent action. I loved the way she picked up on the metaphors I used. As a result of coaching with Shirley, I completed several projects that were 'nearly there'. Thank you Shirley. Rachel Dungan.


Went to Shirley with a blockage about my next steps professionally. From the start I found Shirley to be very personable and easy to talk to. Her approach was direct but never threatening and I found talking through my thoughts very easy. She was very professional and wasn't scared to ask difficult questions. I found I got a very quick response from the coaching as I really just needed someone to help me focus which Shirley did. I would recommend Shirley who wants some support finding there direction again. Denise Adcock.


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