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Starting in just a few weeks, TCD Trusted Provider Alison Haill is opening up an opportunity for female entrepreneurs who want to build super-valuable packages and raise their prices, so they can build a sustainable profitable business and reduce their hours, while still providing fantastic value to their clients.

  • Together with Alison you create a massive money breakthrough so you finally feel at ease raising your prices and sharing your higher prices with your audience.
  • You find a niche where your expertise meets the right people who easily say yes to your premium-priced programmes.
  • You tap into your archetypes so you package your expertise in a unique way that attracts clients who choose to work with you.

In ‘Charge What You’re Worth And Get It ®’  you can expect to…

# Enjoy greater confidence in your business and its profitable sustainable future

# Understand how to package your service so you give more value to your clients and can raise your fees without working longer hours

# Confidently calculate new prices using our tried and tested pricing formula

# Understand how what you do uniquely benefits clients and how to easily articulate that to clients so they want to work with you

And that’s just for starters!

If you’re ready to claim your smarter niche, develop fabulous packages that attract clients and charge what you’re worth (and get it), book a call with Alison here today.

NB If none of Alison’s available slots suit you, email her direct with some preferred dates/times – usually she has some flexibility that’s not showing

Let’s speak this week or next,” recommends Alison. “The next cohort launches in a few weeks!

Alison Haill, CEO of Oxford Professional Consulting, has built a strong reputation as an executive business coach, a coach trainer and author on coaching skills for the workplace. As a business owner herself, she is now helping coaches and consultants like you – running your own business based on your own expertise – to build your business stronger so you are more profitable and sustainable while still providing a great service for clients. Alison has built a portfolio of business growth programmes under the ‘Charge What You’re Worth And Get It®’ banner over the last 5 years so that you can start at the level that suits you and your business

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