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5 ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome








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Imposter Syndrome is a common experience, especially for those in new roles or promoted into management and leadership positions.

If you know of colleagues who are living with a nagging doubt about their abilities, or a fear of being found out, then register for the TCD Wednesday Webinar on 11th October @ 12:30 (London time).

Executive Coach Nikki Wild will share what imposter syndrome is, who experiences it and why.  Come along to gain greater awareness and learn how to overcome it.

This event is ideal for HR Professionals who want a better understanding of imposter syndrome in order to support their management and leadership teams, as well as individuals who may have a personal experience of imposter syndrome.

You will leave the session with a greater level of awareness, a 5-part model that you can apply right away, and an action plan to overcome imposter syndrome whether for yourself or to assist friends and colleagues who may be experiencing it.

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Nikki Wild (FCMA, CGMA, AFC, AMM)

Nikki works with executives, high performing groups and owner managed providers of professional services.  De-stressing Directors and facilitating teams to play nicely together so that businesses are Positive, Productive and Profitable.  Clients better manage their organisations, their time and themselves resulting in clarity, control and confidence.

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