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Executive Coaching Basingstoke, Winchester & Reading, Nikki Wild

Nikki Wild

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Career Coach · Performance Coach · Coach Supervisor

Basingstoke, Winchester & Reading

United Kingdom

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Executive Coaching Basingstoke, Winchester & Reading, Nikki Wild
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About me

Executive Coaching - Basingstoke, Winchester & Reading

Executives work in high pressure environments where they are technically skilled and want the soft skills to match. In the digital era communication and relationships are key to success.

What I do:"Accelerate your rate of success."
* Overcome procrastination, feel motivated and maintain focus.

Who I assist:"Talented clients who value measurable results."

1. Executive teams: Specialising in busy finance departments to reduce stress, improve communication and play nicely! Often taught to *do* accounting not how to *be* good accountants, Team effectiveness improves 30-50%.
"Give people a reason to come to work, not just a place to go to work," Simon Sinek

2. Professionally qualified individuals: Achieve career advancement with confidence and clarity. Enjoy improved working relationships, financial rewards and peace of mind.

3. Professional service providers: Define the vision, roles and goals; motivate everyone involved and take control of business-critical factors so that outcomes are achieved faster, more easily and with greater efficiency than before.

Manage the business, manage the money, manage the people.
"Nikki makes business make sense." JH
"Clients accelerate their rate of success, play to their strengths and overcome their obstacles to get the best results for themselves and for their businesses. After a successful 18 year career in finance, culminating as Finance Director, I now assist Directors and their teams to thrive and excel. Wild Empowerment was established in 2009."

Based in Basingstoke, Nikki also covers the Winchester and Reading areas.

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Professional body membership

International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring

Level of membership/accreditation

IAPC&M - Accredited Fellow Coach/Mentor


Accredited Fellow Coach IAPC&MAccredited Master Mentor IAPC&MPersonal Performance Coaching diploma with distinctionCertified Business Coach and DISC profiling expert Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping practitionerNLP Practitioner Head of Education at the International Association of Professional Coaching and Mentoring IAPC&M.CIMA qualified accountant CGMA ACMACPDSO Certified Coach

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Nikki delivers training & speaks at conferences for us using her special coaching skills. She has a warm, friendly, caring approach to help others succeed & is a real pleasure to work with :-)


Nikki has helped me for many years now. She helps me sort out the ideas and chaos in my mind to create clear plans of action for my business. She asks the questions that make me come up with the answers. This means my brain knows how to guide me forwards to where I want to go. - PF


The session I had was remarkably helpful; it enabled me to explore the theory and as importantly to establish the practical steps to build the plan. Nikki used her experience to help me stress test my thinking and make sure that I was on the right track. The session resulted in a robust personal plan that I was delighted with. Mentally, I gained a clear purpose and energy to secure a job offer. Everyone who is looking for a job should have access to this kind of constructive service. Thank you Nikki !


I worked with Nikki to recognise limiting beliefs and principles that I had held onto around expressing my needs. Through the use of NLP techniques, I was able to start identifying my needs and developing ways to enable me to speak out in a safe and comfortable way. MM - Aviation Specialist

Specialist areas
Communication Confidence Focus Leadership Motivation Personality Profiling Procrastination Supervision: 1-2-1 Team Development Work/Life balance Partner Offer
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