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Diana Gibbs

500+ hours of coaching experience

Leadership Coach · Team Coach · Performance Coach

South Suffolk, Essex & London

United Kingdom

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About me

Leadership Coach - South Suffolk & Essex

I am a former operations manager with extensive experience of managing remote/hybrid workers. I have worked in management development for 20 + years, training leaders and managers and coaching individuals and teams.
I focus on helping managers and their teams deal with changing ways of working, and to that end I have developed a model specifically for hybrid or matrix working, which I think a lot of companies are still coming to terms with.

Make Hybrid Work draws on my change management experience and offers the benefits of:
• more confident team leaders
• better communications across teams and shared learning
• more engaged employees

The pandemic has brought about a seismic change in working practices, with some negative impacts for managers. According to Chartered Management Institute research:
• 52% line managers say workplaces are more lonely
• 47% say work is more stressful
• 70% believe colleagues spend less time socialising

What is your experience?

My own research amongst clients has uncovered that:
• newer employees are missing ‘on the job’ learning – the quick ‘can you just show me…?’
• managers are finding they have to give more guidance or formal training
• staff retention is difficult as people seek flexible terms of employment

It is clear there is much still to do to Make Hybrid Work, but I believe we can - if we give leaders, managers and teams the encouragement to develop their skills and adapt to new ways of working.

Are you ready to tackle the challenges of making hybrid working a success for your organisation?

If you like the sound of Make Hybrid Work, but are not sure if it is right for you, or if you would just like more information about my coaching, please get in touch or book a complimentary call for an informal chat.
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European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

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EMCC - Professional member


NLP Business Practitioner (Awarded: Sue Knight Associates)Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching Roffey Park/Sussex UniversityClean Coach for Leadership ILM accredited

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Working with Diana is inspirational. She cuts through the noise, and gets to the heart of the matter safely and empathically. She provides the framework within which you do the work - and she holds you to account! Working with Diana is challenging, rewarding and fun. JL (IT consultant and Transactional Analyst)

Specialist areas
Communication Confidence Influencing Skills Leadership Managing Change Negotiation Performance Management Problem Solving Strategy Team Development
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