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Diana Gibbs

Leadership Coach · Team Coach · Performance Coach

South Suffolk, Essex & London

United Kingdom

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About me

Leadership Coach - South Suffolk & Essex

Coaching is like setting off on a journey with a direction in mind, but with the flexibility to alter course as new information emerges.
I am a business coach and work with individuals and teams, often when they are coping with change and upheaval. I have previously worked in some pressurised organisational and consulting roles implementing restructures, redundancies and change. As a coach I draw on this experience together with my formal training, to enable others to learn the negotiating, communication and resilience skills that help people feel able to give of their best.

Choose coaching with me and you will discover how to:
• develop yourself and your team
• implement change for the first time
• seek promotion to a managerial role
• cope with a difficult individual or disruptive team
• professionally handle redundancy and other HR procedures

I typically coach…..
• Team leaders and managers in operational roles and those leading change programmes
• Rising stars at all levels, aspiring to progress their careers but maybe facing challenges
• I also work with clients with neuro-diverse conditions to help them develop workplace strategies.
My role as coach is to support you in achieving your goals by listening to help you reflect on your own practice, and asking questions that help you find the solutions that feel right for you.

Examples of my experience….
• coaching front-line new managers in a successful SME for development in inter-personal and managerial skills
• coaching senior management team members in a public sector organisation as part of performance improvement programme
• performance and team development for school leaders and staff
• senior management development coaching for a company Facilities Management team
• numerous clients in technical and operational roles, building confidence in facing new challenges.

My approach….
A lot of people think that leading is just common sense. If we were always sailing along in calm waters, that might be true but common sense can often desert us when we’re under pressure, don’t feel equipped to handle an awkward situation and get nervous about rocking the boat.
My aim is to expand your skills in building relationships with seniors, peers and team members that can withstand robust conversations, surface problems and test assumptions, generating effective outcomes for you and your organisation.

What people say about me……….
“The work led to an awful lot of progress. There were so many barriers in place on communications issues, it made me question many things.” Senior partner, accountancy practice.

“Thank you for helping me to unscramble what felt like a million knots.” Senior Manager DWP

i volunteer as a mentor with Chartered Management Institute and Social Mobility Foundation

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Professional body membership

European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

Level of membership/accreditation

EMCC - Professional member


NLP Business Practitioner (Awarded: Sue Knight Associates)Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching Roffey Park/Sussex UniversityClean Coach for Leadership ILM accredited

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Working with Diana is inspirational. She cuts through the noise, and gets to the heart of the matter safely and empathically. She provides the framework within which you do the work - and she holds you to account! Working with Diana is challenging, rewarding and fun. JL (IT consultant and Transactional Analyst)

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    Specialist areas
    Communication Difficult Conversations Influencing Skills Managing Change Negotiation Outplacement Performance Management Strategy Team Development
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