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Diana Gibbs

Leadership Coach · Performance Coach · Team Coach

South Suffolk, Essex & London

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About me

Leadership Coach - South Suffolk & Essex

My abiding interest is in supporting people to perform well at work and deal with change and uncertainty.

A big part of how I coach is to facilitate people’s thinking and help them navigate uncharted waters. I bring a distinctive blend of business acumen, ideas generation, operational savvy and market awareness to my work to aid both individuals and organisations in their quest for high performance.

My approach is based on systems thinking and personal mastery, underpinned by qualifications in Coaching, Clean Language and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I have previously worked in a number of pressurised organisational roles where I was lucky to be guided by wise captains who showed me the ropes. This shaped my passion for the delicate art of successful management and affirmed my belief in the importance of continuous learning.

My early career was in theatre and radio: as a technical and operations manager my role was to quietly enable others to take the limelight. Those years of listening to performers discuss character and motivation sparked my interest in the psychology of change and development. I trained as a facilitator, studied NLP and began my own consulting business.

I have worked in HR, run leadership and management development programmes and trained people in many topics including recruitment and appraisal processes.

In my spare time I volunteer as a mentor with the Social Mobility Foundation, Chartered Management Institute and NFP organisations.
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European Mentoring & Coaching Council Global

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EMCC - Professional member


NLP Business Practitioner (Awarded: Sue Knight Associates)Post-Graduate Certificate in Coaching Roffey Park/Sussex UniversityClean Coach for Leadership ILM accredited

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Working with Diana is inspirational. She cuts through the noise, and gets to the heart of the matter safely and empathically. She provides the framework within which you do the work - and she holds you to account! Working with Diana is challenging, rewarding and fun. JL (IT consultant and Transactional Analyst)

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    Specialist areas
    CommunicationDifficult ConversationsInfluencing SkillsManaging ChangeNegotiationOutplacementPerformance ManagementStrategyTeam Development
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