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Executive Coaching London & Manchester, Joan van den Brink

Joan van den Brink

500+ hours of coaching experience

Executive Coach · Leadership Coach · Team Coach

Amsterdam and London


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Executive Coaching London & Manchester, Joan van den Brink
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About me

Executive Coach based in Amsterdam

I am an Executive Coach who works with Senior Leaders and Executives who want to learn more about themselves and why they do what they do so they can determine how they want to be in the future. My clients are often facing some transition or change in their life (work, personal or both) and I help them to unpick what is happening, their emotions and root causes so that they can find answers to their questions. This process of enquiry enables them to feel more at ease with themselves and be more effective in all aspects of their lives.

Partnership & Working AllianceI believe that the coaching relationship is a partnership and working alliance between you, the coachee and me, the coach. Together, we enter a process of enquiry that enables you to gain increased self-awareness and understanding to facilitate your personal growth and increased business impact.

I use “the river” as a metaphor for my coaching model and have developed 4 core principles that underpin my coaching practice:

1. I bring my whole self to the coaching relationship
2. A strong relationship is fundamental to success.
3. Individuals need a safe and supportive environment to do their work.
4. Gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves provides us with
increased choice for how we want to be in the future.

I have traversed an eclectic career path:
I graduated with a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Cambridge University then started my career in B2B marketing. From there I moved into operations management. I combined my focus on commerciality by integrating account management with excellent internal execution.

Following several years in operations I became a management consultant to have an impact on a greater range of organisations and people. My fields of expertise the people aspects of business strategy with deep expertise in talent management, leadership development and individual and team coaching. I held global client relationship and regional sector lead roles in life sciences.

After 12 years as a consultant, I joined a speciality chemicals company as EVP HR & Communications where I led the development of both functions. This first-hand experience gave me a fantastic insight to both the role of an executive and the challenges and opportunities of private equity-owned firms.

Tailor-made SolutionsIn 2014, I set up my own consultancy working with clients on a range of topics and issues as their personal chemist - mixing ingredients to deliver a solution tailored to meet their needs. I undertook the Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching over 18 months in 2017/18. This study enabled me to thoroughly examine who I am as a person, how do I want to be as a coach and the type of coaching that resonates most with me. In 2017 I embarked on the Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. The outcome has been the creation of my own coaching model that I use to orientate me with my client partners.

I work in London, the rest of the UK and further afield across Europe.

To explore your coaching requirements, please contact Joan to arrange a call by clicking on the 'Send a message' button.
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International Coach Federation

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ICF - Professional Certified CoachOther


Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (awarded by AoEC in 2018)

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I have had the oportunity to work with Joan for over 10 years and have worked with on a variety of projects that included organsiational culture change, development of a capability frameowrk for a global function and personal coaching. Joan's coaching includes investing time up front to align with the coachees goals and objectives of the relationship. Her approach has been to use some of the theories and models and leveraging the insights gained from these in helping the coachee achieve their objectives. Her approach is very much one where she helps the coachee explore and find the solution. Joan is effective in coaching both face to face and virtually and is highly professional and organised ensuring their are follow ups. I would recommend Joan as a coach for anyone who is seeking to explore what next in their career, is transitioning to a new role or is seeking to further develop in an aspect of their leadership. D.L.


I have known Joan for several years. In my role as Group CHRO of one of the largest Telecom companies in the world she worked for me as a leadership development consultant and over time she became my trusted advisor. From those days I know her as a highly intelligent, goal-driven and dedicated professional with a great talent to connect with and understand her clients. After I have left corporate life, Joan became my personal coach. Through a number of challenging and insightful conversations and practices she helped me to achieve the goals I had set for myself. Joan is a personable guide with a natural ability for showing empathy. Her thought-provoking questions encouraged me to think, feel and look inward to places I didn’t know how to reach on my own. Furthermore, she enabled me to come up with answers myself. I can confidently say that the coaching with Joan grew my self-awareness and made me a more grounded person. I would highly recommend her to others. A. Uitdehaag, business consultant


I have worked with Joan both on executive coaching and on topics like succession planning and performance management. Joan is a great professional to work with as she takes a holistic approach and views the questions from multiple perspectives. I also enjoyed very much working with her as my personal coach. She is straightforward, and both challenging and supportive during the coaching journey. Joan's approach proved to be extremely helpful in getting to the answers of the questions I had and it led to a clear and new perspective. I can recommend Joan full-heartedly to anyone who is looking for a personal coach who cares and truly supports finding answers. Marnix Mali, Director Real Estate & Workplace Services


I have worked with Joan van den Brink in a variety of situations over the last decade and a half, sometimes it has been coaching for me sometimes, in other cases it has been leadership coaching for various teams I have led,  UNDP development center and coaching - March–May 2005 Istanbul, Turkey. As a senior manager, coordinating large teams of people in complex multi cultural environments I have found overall benefit of working with Joan - over a decade and a half - is that you always feel that she is not just doing a job, but that she is going on a journey with you. She has a phenomenal capacity to absorb and condense information from a wide variety of business environments and then to help you work through challenges and decisions. And she has that fantastic flexibility of being able to modulate how directive she is being depending on situation In terms of teams she has worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, mixed gender and ethnicity in various organizational settings moving from one setting to another with great fluidity and sensitivity. I could not recommend her highly enough, she is truly exceptional. Garret Patrick Kelly SEE Change Net


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