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Sue Frost

5 / 5
2 reviews

Executive Coach
+ 2 more

Sheffield, Leeds & Nottingham
Helping people grow as leaders. Helping leaders build successful teams.

Simon Maddison

Career Coach
+ 2 more

Bristol, South West & London
Developmental coaching and useful training, for people, in organisations

Paul Clare

Career Coach
+ 3 more

Bournemouth, Southampton & London
Developing Professional Leaders and Managers to unlock their personal and people potential

Marie Quigley

5 / 5
7 reviews

Coach Supervisor
+ 2 more

Sheffield, Manchester & Leeds
Consummate, passionate, caring professional living values, making a difference
Executive Coaching, St Albans, Eamon O'Brien

Eamon O'Brien

5 / 5
18 reviews

Executive Coach
+ 2 more

Home Counties & London
Be quite unusually brilliant

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