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Add to your coaching toolkit to assist your client through increasing their self-awareness

Team Focus

The benefits of training with Team Focus are that you learn to view personality – especially personality type – differently.

We use TDI instead of MBTI. We also offer more traditional training using 15FQ+ or NEO.

We help you explore relationships using FIRO Elements (the updated version of FIRO-B), or we can help overcome the paradox presented by self-reporting your self-awareness!

This limits the value of other measures of Emotional Intelligence. In addition, we can help you change your conversations from addressing the ‘What and How’ questions by taking a deeper dive into the ‘Why’ question. For this we use a radical values questionnaire – VbIM.

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Belbin Profiling

Belbin is an online profiling tool that translates an individual’s unique combination of strengths into Team Role contributions. Based on decades of research and incorporating feedback from the whole team, the Belbin reports offer actionable solutions and advice to boost individual and team performance, improve dynamics and address conflict.

Using the language of Belbin helps people to understand which behavioural contribution is required, and when. In other words, Belbin enables managers and teams to work together and communicate openly and effectively, building trust and psychological safety and defusing conflict, even when teams are not co-located. Contact us for more info.

TeamLytica – for Powerful Insights to Improve Team Performance

This newly launched assessment tool delivers speedy, accurate, pragmatic and immediately useful results on how your client teams works together.

PLUS it will provide you – the Team Coach – with a platform to use your skills and experience to benchmark team performance, pre and post coaching, and so proving ROI.

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